15 Emo AF Quotes From “One Tree Hill” That Will Distract You From Your Hardest Roza

By Sarah Babar | 18 May, 2018

“One Tree Hill” is a show that nearly everyone has seen and holds very dear to their heart. We all have one thing or the other from within the show that we still cherish. And of course, with every amazing and groundbreaking show, we still love quoting the show at any chance that we get. We also have spent quite a huge chunk of our lives deeply engrossed in the lives of Peyton, Lucas, Brook, Nathan, Hailey and the gang. Their lives, their relationships merged and entwined with ours in such a way that we were all so emotionally invested into the show. But the show also left us with some really really emo things that we still remember. So whenever you think your roza is getting a bit too out of hand, that the choohay in your stomach are running entire marathons inside, and your throat is drier than the Sahara desert, and you don’t know how to express your emotions and misery, let “One Tree Hill” guide you all the way through


1. Whether it is about speaking up about feeling bad and being so tired of feeling bad in life


2. The pain that resides in our stomachs and the confusion over iftaari and sehri times


3. OTH also speaks of how we can let go of ourselves completely, all for one person and get so consumed by our love for them


4. And how time slips past us so quietly that we have no idea, on most days, what’s hit us


5. We saw how people never really change their true colors and who they are eventually comes out


6. When you’ve been so strong for so long (this usually happens riiiight before iftari, when you’ve spent your entire day waiting for that very moment)


7. There have been so many serious themes running through “One Tree Hill”, that made so much sense out of life, for us


8. The show taught us how to be our own people and how to always, somehow, get to that


9. It spoke of putting yourself out there and lowering your guard, in front of people, to be torn down all over again


10. And how you always seem to just miss it by an inch


11. How we can spend so long being so in love with someone who would turn around and tell you that they don’t feel and have never felt the same way


12. And it honestly just sucks


13. And sometimes all your heart deserves and wants, is a break


14. That there are so many people out there who refuse to change the kind of person they are just because it’s more convenient to stay they way they are


15۔ And we leave you with this



What’s your favorite quote from the series? Let us know in the comments below. Stay strong, during your roza.


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