13 Pakistani One Hit Wonders That You're Actually Glad Didn’t Release More Hit Songs

By Ather Ahmed | 19 Sep, 2017

One hit wonders are, by definition, artists (if you’d even wanna call them that) who achieve a certain amount of fame for a short while on the basis of one song. Over the years Pakistan has ¬†had its own share of one hit wonder singers. Some of those had actually decent songs while others only garnered fame on the basis of cringe value.

For whatever reason, these songs did manage to gain popularity for a short while after which the artist seemingly disappeared. Here’s a look back at some of them.


1. Shazaman

Song: Udeekan

Your burger self probably doesn’t even know what it means yet you know the lyrics by heart. What the hell is udeekan anyway? The video isn’t that good, either, just two guys smiling awkwardly on a road trip. And what’s up¬†with the other guy who’s not Shazaman, bursting out in English? Like he says “I just don’t know…..hoooo”


2. Jigga Fez

Song: Never Gonna Stop

First of all what does Jigga Fez even mean? I know rap names could be really weird but they always have a context. Like Eminem is a play on M&M which are the initials of the guy’s real name Marshall Mathers. But what does Jigga Fez stand for? It just sounds like a man who has a thing for those Fez caps. As far as the song is concerned, I am glad it did ‘stop’ unlike the title. This has to be the trashiest party, just btw.


3. Imran Jawed

Song: Aainda Na Dekhoon

At least this one sends a positive message. Don’t harass¬†women in public. However other than that it’s kinda weird. The singer keeps referring to someone or something known as “Tiddi Pappa“.


4. Amir Jamal

Song: Kaho Na Kaho

Where did this uncle jee come from and where did he go? The guy has so much feels. It’s like that he was just born on this planet to write this one song. Fun fact, this song was also played in Emran Hashmi and Malika Sherawat¬†sleazefest¬†“Murder”.


5. Jazba

Song: Jaago

Don’t understand why these guys didn’t release more tracks. This was a really good song and was very politically relevant at the time it came out.


6.  Ali Khan

Song: Saathiya

Well, this guy did come¬†on Coke Studio last year so I guess he’s technically not a one hit wonder. But for a long time this was his only claim to fame.


7. Azal

Song: Aisi Taisi

This band had so much promise. This song was the perfect blend of desi filminess with rock music. While the band did go on to produce songs for a few films, this was the only song of the band that managed to gain fame.


8. Faisal Latif

Song: Beqarari Kyun Ho Rahi Hai

This was the title track of a critically acclaimed drama from the 90’s called Qurat-Ul-Ain. It was a tragic tale of an Air Force pilot. I won’t spoil it for you. I suggest you watch it. The drama was so good that the singer wasn’t able to achieve any success with his songs that were released later.


9. Zeek Afridi

Song: Bibi Shireen

This guy used to be the shit back in the day. The song Bibi Shireen was popular for years, with several remixes popping up later on. However, that was Zeek’s only song that managed to transition from region-specific audiences to mainstream ones.


10. Dino

Song: Pari

Dino since day one has been a VJ/RJ. In between he did try to start a music career with this one track Pari. Quite catchy to be honest. But this song was the start and end of his music career as he returned to his career as a host.


11. Fakhar-e-Alam

Song: Bhangra Pao

This could very well be Pakistan’s first hip hop track. You could say Fakhr-e-Alam was the Marky Mark of Pakistan. The only difference being that Marky Mark became Mark Wahlberg one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, while Fakhar-e-Alam well sort of stayed Fakhar-e-Alam. Instead of music he made his career as a host.


12. Komal Rizvi

Song: Baujee baujee

She can come on Coke Studio or whatever she wants, this song will always define her music career.


13. Waqar Zaka

Song: Nahi Parha Maine Poora Saal

Well you know the rest.


If you have any more one hit wonders to add please let us know in the comments.


Cover image via: dawn.com

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