11 Struggles Of Having An Oily Hair Day Every Pakistani Can FOR SURE Relate To

By Biya Haq | 4 Jul, 2018

So THANKS to the rain, not only do we have ganda paani ALL over the city, it is humidity central so most of us ladies are pretty much walking around like this.

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Stunning, I know.

Being a Pakistani woman, the heat isn’t always the best companion for us all, in fact – it brings about something we all know and hate all too well. OILY HAIR.

We all have been there. Whether it’s waking up for school too late and having to skip your shower, or putting too much conditioner in your hair and having your hair be oily by the evening and WORST OF ALL, putting coconut oil in your hair the night before, and it STILL being there EVEN AFTER SHOWERING.

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So, given all of that information, we decided to compile all the horrible annoying moments and struggles of having an oily hair day.

1. You think your hair is fine in the morning, but as soon as you’re out of the house – GREASE.

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^ (Us to our hair) This is just rude. BETRAYED, BETRAYED BY MY OWN HAIR.

2. You can’t even wear a hat, because that’s even more uncomfortable than just leaving your hair open.

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3. Tying your hair in a bun to make it look human,


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4. Constantly wanting to itch your head off because of the annoying sensation but you can’t since you’re in public.

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5. Leaving your hair open is basically like wrapping a damp towel around your neck.

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6. People can’t HELP but comment on how oily your hair is.


7. Trying to use dry shampoo or powder to downplay the grease usually just makes everything worse.

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8. You cancel plans just because of your hair.

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Literally, nothing rains on your parade harder.

9. No matter how cute your outfit is or how ‘on fleek’ your makeup is, your oily hair will ruin EVERYTHING.

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10. It’s ALL you can think about all day, literally nothing else matters.

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11. When you are FINALLY about to shower, the steam makes your hair suddenly better and flawless and beautiful and life is SO. UNFAIR.

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Have you ever had to deal with any of these issues? What do you do on your bad hair days? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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