This Incredibly Offensive Video On Nasir Khanjan Is Upsetting A Lot Of People

By Sajeer Shaikh | 29 Jan, 2018

Recently, a publication called People of Pakistan shared a video that narrates the backstory of the social media sensation, Nasir Khanjan. However, upon viewing, one can soon tell that the video is fake.


First of all, let’s take a look at the offensive video here:

Nasir Khan Jaan Inspiring Success Story

Nasir Khan Jaan Inspiring Success Story

Posted by People Of Pakistan on Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018

Now, there’s a lot that’s wrong with this video.

It’s clearly meant to ridicule Nasir Khanjan, to begin with. Secondly, the usage of the terms “hijra” and “khusra” as slurs is highly disappointing. Way too often, people reduce the entire transgender community’s existence to nothing more than a slur – an abuse that they toss around time and again. It’s unfortunate to see a page with such a huge following catering and contributing to that mindset.


What’s more disappointing is the fact that the page was defending the video…

Via Facebook


…more than once. 

Via Facebook

Luckily, people who watched this video spoke up against it.

Via Facebook


It was absurd when the page chose to shame the person pointing out something valid.

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However, others soon stepped in to help. 

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People were actually pretty mad and resorted to reporting the page.

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People also called out the page for bullying.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook


There are two conversations to be had here. Firstly, the transgender community faces enough ostracization, to begin with.

Therefore, platforms that can bring about change shouldn’t exactly be adding to their plight by encouraging the use of slurs, should they? I mean. if we can’t make things easier, we shouldn’t really be making them harder, right?


Secondly, yes – Nasir Khanjan is an eccentric star. His content is often debated over and he sets people up for laughs. However, he receives an INSANE amount of hate for all he does.


It’s unfair, given how we know that it doesn’t take much time for hate from behind a screen to materialize into something extremely real. Moreover, the kinds of comments left behind on Nasir’s videos often range from upsetting to outrageous. Perhaps it’s time we sit back and ask ourselves if we should be holding back, since we may be contributing to the damage too.

This is not to say that someone can make mistakes because we’ve done the same in the past, but there’s something to be said about learning from your mistakes and understanding that your position is different from an ordinary citizen if you’re a public platform with a large audience.


What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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