NUST Admin Stepped In After One Of Their Students Encouraged “Sexual Torture” On Gul Bukhari

By Momina Naveed | 9 Jun, 2018

Social media is an ideal place for expressing one’s opinions. However, if those opinions are offensive or downright vile, there can be consequences.

This is the exact case of a Pakistani student from NUST who tweeted something truly disturbing regarding activist Gul Bukhari’s abduction. Though he deleted the tweet, it was picked up by Nighat Dad.

This is what she shared.

Consequently, the Twitterverse was (rightly) visibly upset, with people saying all sorts of things. Some expressed their disgust:

Others had stronger opinions:

And some alerted the NUST student about the consequences:

People made sure he knew just how vile an act this was, not just with respect to him, but NUST, as well:

Some Twitteratis believed that the tweets were in fact Photoshopped:

This guy even shared some personal insight:

And then there was this:

However, things got more serious once Sherry Rehman got involved:


NUST, too, thankfully took notice of this:

After this entire fiasco, the student finally apologized:

After which some weighed in on why he did so:

And one dropped in a more advanced suggestion:

Some people praised him for apologizing:


Finally, Gul Bukhari also weighed in on the matter, showing incredible grace and poise.


This twitter havoc, regardless of whose side you’re on, has proved just how influential social media can be in bringing bullies and trolls down. Major props to Nighat Dad and Sherry Rehman for voicing their thoughts. And it’s HUGE that Gul Bukhari has forgiven the student.

What do you guys think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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Editor’s Note: A previous version of the headline mentioned that the student’s degree has been revoked. That information is not verifiable and the post has been edited to reflect that.

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