This NGO In Lahore Is Making Celebrating Christmas A Reality For The Underprivileged Christians Of Pakistan

By Alveena Jadoon | 24 Dec, 2017

Christmas is a time for many around the world to celebrate the abundance of life, family and friendships. In Pakistan, unfortunately, the Christian community does not have circumstances that would allow them to revel – due to the majority of the community being confined to underprivileged backgrounds or, otherwise, due to political oppression.


In times like these, this NGO from Lahore has stepped up to help make celebrating Christmas a reality for the underprivileged Christians of Pakistan

Next Generation Pakistan, this year, has decided to launch a Christmas campaign. They will choose a Christian-majority neighborhood and distribute gifts among them. They are collecting donations in the form of warm clothing, shoes and toys. These will be given as gifts to them. The funds which have been sent as monetary donation will be used to organize the campaign and purchase gifts.

Source: Angbeen Abbas

NGP believes that Christmas is not just about exchanging gifts, it is about the communal process and the sense of togetherness.

This the reason why they will be spending the day with them and arranging a lunch as well. Their volunteers have already planned games for kids and adults too.


Through this project, the NGO not only wants to help the Christian community but also instill a sense of brotherhood and coexistence within their Muslim volunteers

They believe that such exposure is essential for the youth, considering many of our privileged strata of society do not fully understand the social issues of our society.

Source: Angbeen Abbas


Next Generation Pakistan is a youth based non-profit organization that was established in Lahore in 2010

Due to the success of their projects, they have now managed to expand their network to Islamabad as well.

The idea behind the initiative was to allow youth to get together on one platform and work for social development in the country. Most of the organization’s projects are based around the provision of education, relief supplies, and social awareness.

Source: Angbeen Abbas


The organization’s primary focus is to work with the young people of Pakistan because they believe that’s where real change can be initiated

Their two target areas, primarily, are:

To utilize the endless talent, energy and resources possessed by the privileged, school-going youth of Pakistan, since they are in the best position to catalyze change from the grass roots.

To instill in aforementioned youth the values of hard work, community service and teamwork, and generate empathy and understanding in them for the plight of the disadvantaged through giving them exposure, so that they can be the competent policy makers of tomorrow.

Source: Angbeen Abbas


NGP believes that for tolerance and coexistence to become a reality, we must create ties between communities, and what better day than Christmas, right?

Source: Angbeen Abbas

Organizations such as the NGP are doing a great service to the country. It is they who manage to bring the extra smiles and we all could use a smile or dozen to go around during these trying times.


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