Nestlé Nesfruta ‘Funkaar' Picked Their Winner, And Here's Why She's Special

By MangoBaaz Studio | 15 Aug, 2018

Nestlé’s Nesfruta Funkaar managed to captivate audiences across the country. The aim of the show was to bring Pakistan’s funkaari out in the open and to appreciate the talent that seems to be ingrained deeply in our DNA. The grand finale of the show was a culmination of that aim and boy oh boy was it a treat to see.


The finalists were Shahid, Ali Shahbaz, Qadeer, Ritika, and the only duo left, Sikander and Raina. 

Source: Nestlé Pakistan

The finalists had to go through extensive auditions and then had to endure the judges and their feedback. After working on their routines day and night, the funkaars battled it out with their competition and made it to the grand finale. These artists and their journies show what hard work and perseverance can do.

The funkaars definitely made it to the final, however, they had the fight of their lives to go through with; this made for a nail-biting finale.


Shahid definitely gets points for having a very ‘different’ routine for the show. 

He stunned with a gravity-defying aerial performance. He definitely was able to make jaws drop in amazement!

Source: Nestlé Pakistan


Ali Shahbaz and Qadeer performed their individual unique compositions. 

Their performances just go to show that Pakistanis really do have a knack for music and making good music.

Source: Nestlé Pakistan


Another thing we Pakistanis love to do is dance. Dancing duo, Sikander and Raina performed a rather unique dance number. 

They wow-ed people with a hip-hop number.

Source: Nestlé Pakistan


Lastly, there was Ritika who brought on the old-world charm to the finale with her skillful playing of the sitar. 

Source: Nestlé Pakistan

Once all the performances were done, the ultimate funkaar was announced. So, the winner for this season is..*drum roll please*


Ritika took the top prize for her stellar sitar performance. 

Source: Nestlé Pakistan

Ritika really had to work hard to fine tune her talent, and well her efforts did pay off. She’s been playing the sitar from the tender age of 3. She learned from one of the best in Pakistan, Ustad Raees Khan. Her father supported her in her endeavors.

Ritika is constantly working on her craft. She practices daily for 4-5 hours. Now that’s what you call dedication! Ritika definitely adds to the already small base of female sitar players. She’s a young talent with loads of potential to shine through.

What did you think of the first season of the show? Looking forward to the second season? Let us know in the comments 🙂



This post has been sponsored by Nestlé Nesfruta Funkaar.

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