These Students From NCA Are Creating Mental Health Awareness Through Art And It's So Inspiring

By Bisma Rizwan | 19 Mar, 2018

Can art really influence a young mind and have positive effects? Does art count for therapy?


Meet Maham Nadeem, a painter, and Nadeem Alkarimi, a film-maker ― two students from NCA who believe that art can do all of that and so much more

They’re doing all this and more, through their organization called Art and Travel.

The organization aims to spread awareness about the positive impact of Art and creative expression on an individual’s mind (especially children). Nadeem and Maham believe that people in Pakistan need to understand the important role art plays not only in healing a damaged soul but maintaining a healthy mind.

Source: Maham Nadeem / Facebook


Source: Nadeem Alam Al-karimie / Facebook


These two also believe that art is a therapy in itself, and had realized the lack of importance given to maintain stable mental health in the education system these days for a very long time.

Source: Art and Travel

They wanted to do something about it but the idea came back in 2015 when they were traveling to Chiporsun and saw the need for the children there to be exposed to art as a medium of expression.


So how does Art and Travel do what they do?

Source: Art and Travel

They arrange art related activities in different cities and utilize the profits of their earnings in doing similar activities voluntarily in underprivileged areas of Pakistan. The thing started off by doing small outdoor activities for children in the open gardens owned by locals – while they were at Chiporsun – using whatever art material they had at that time. It was a huge success.


They noticed the restriction that came with age, how some a child’s minds read things, how their visual experiences reflect in the art they produce.

Source: Art and Travel

Thus the idea came into being; Everyone who creates from the heart is an artist in their own way and this artist needs to survive in order to battle with all the adult life conflicts one faces!


The duo has been traveling around and doing these amazing activities since 2015 and they have a team of people who now who help them perform their activities.

Source: Art and Travel

Talking about the start-up, they said:

“We try to promote freedom of expression using various art mediums as a meditation. We We aim to visit as many places we can, and spread Art in a country that desperately needs a productive outlet in contrast to violence.”

This is such a wonderful start-up with an amazing initiative and we wish that the sentiment becomes widespread so to help everyone express themselves to the fullest.


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