Nature Is Healing But The Beautiful Cherry Blossom Season In Hunza Was Canceled Thanks To Coronavirus

By Noor | 6 May, 2020

We missed the beautiful cherry blossom season in Hunza missed this year

Pakistan’s biodiverse and natural beauty is world renowned. Particularly our Northern Areas are a source of lots of attention for all the right reasons.


While Japan is also famous for its captivating cherry blossom bloom, Hunza is surely no less

Though the winters this year felt a bit too long, they are now finally leaving and the spring has emerged by painting Hunza pink as the cherry blossom gardens bloom. The beautiful advent of the spring in the areas surrounded by Hunza, Swat and Gilgit is absolutely surreal.

This time of the year is usually a big tourist season, with people from all over the country and foreigners flocking to places like Hunza and Chitral for the Cherry Blossom season and the amazing views. Sadly, all because of the coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions we can’t even appreciate the beauty of our country properly this year.

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The season of Spring in Hunza is just straight out of some gorgeous fairytale because of the cherry blossom bloom

Source: Mobeen Ansari/YouTube


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Cherry blossom in Hunza valley 26 March 2020.

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I mean, just look at the perfect blend of mountains and the gorgeous pink trees… UFFF!

As the wind whistles into the fields of cherry blossoms, it makes it, even more, picture-perfect.

Source: @BeautyPakistani/Twitter
Source: Mobeen Ansari/YouTube


Sadly, this year we couldn’t even appreciate Hunza and the cherry blossom season properly because of travel restrictions and the coronavirus pandemic

Earlier last month would definitely have been the ‘perfect’ time to visit the beautiful Hunza and see the cherry blossom season in full bloom but the chaos created by coronavirus and the measures to restrict its spread have impacted everything.


We’ve seen images of nature healing itself and reclaiming its beauty but this reminds us that the reason that nature is in full bloom is because humans who had destroyed all natural beauty are locked inside

It is important to take this forced opportunity to inspect our impact on this world. All the overconsumption, all the pollution that we created and all the destruction that we have carried on for the sake of a “modern, easy lifestyle” has left us in the state that we are.

Investing in healthcare, climate change prevention and sustainability is important as we come out of this current crisis or we will be destroyed in much worse ways than the coronavirus.

Source: Mobeen Ansari/YouTube

It’s being said that after the relaxation of the lockdown measures an exponential increase in infected patients is expected. So, let’s keep practicing social distancing and stay safe by enjoying the natural beauty of our country by just viewing the captivating shots of those areas from all of our travels in the years past.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay INSIDE!


Cover image via: @BeautyPakistani/Twitter

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