Here's Why Naeema From Drama “Khamoshi” Is THE Most Hated Character Of 2018

By Sarah Babar | 16 May, 2018

While (we’re hoping) that drama “Khamoshi” is nearing it’s end, soon, and that we can’t seem to wrap our heads around all the different plot lines going on. But there’s one thing that we can’t help but notice just howww much you guys haaate Naeema’s character from the drama.


Like there’s a lottt of hate, you guys, like a lottt of hate

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Like you guys can’t stand her face

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And for a lot of you, she’s your least favorite character

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And there’s just so much hate that you guys feel towards her

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It’s like we feel the need we have to apologise for Naeema’s existence

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She’s thankless

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And she’s a bitch

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She’s kameeni

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And she needs to fuck herself…

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And we started thinking whyyy is it that you guys hate Naeema so much


So we sat down and decided to deconstruct her character and figure out why she’s so hated. Don’t worry, we hate her too.


First of all, she is so stubborn it’s not even funny

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If Naeema sets her sight on something, or has her heart set on getting something, she will leave no stone unturned in getting it. She will go to the ends of the world to get what she wants, and she doesn’t really care who she walks over in the process. Whether it is screwing her sister over to marry the man she wants to.


She always seems to have a temper that can be triggered by EVERYTHING and anything

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Whether it is snapping back at her mother in law, or her father, or her mother. How she is with her sister, Arsala ( we’ll talk about that later) , and her brother, Guddu, is a whole other story altogether. Naeema seems to hold absolutely zero regard for all those around her, and doesn’t care much for someone being older or younger than her. If she has to lash out on someone, she will definitely lash out.


Naeema, as it is obvious, is completely blinded by money

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The thought of money and money itself. It seems like money is the only thing that can make Naeema happy, under any circumstances. And that is the lowest form of human, no? Naeema holds money above people, relationships and humanity, itself.


Speaking of money, Naeema also has GOT to be the most thankless person in the world

Source: HUM Television

We’re 32 episodes in and she hasn’t thanked Arsala ONCE for being the reason she was able to get married in such a grand way and the truckload of things that she took to her susraal was also all courtesy of her sister. She has been nothing but horrible to her, in spite of the fact that Arsala holds none of this against her. Even when Naeema invited her over to her new house in Karachi, the one that Atif obtained only because of Shahram, she was a total, horrible bitch to her.


She literally bites the very hand that fed her for so long

Source: HUM Television

Arsala supported the entire family, single-handedly and didn’t complain once. She was always is the first person to come forth and help the family financially, in their time of need, apart from sending over money every single month, to the family.


She just can’t seem to control her bitterness or keep it to herself

Source: HUM Network

Naeema is a horrible person. She will ALWAYS have something horrible to say. Whether it is to Arsala or her mother in law or even her own mother. More so, she didn’t even spare her deceased father, when it came to her getting her way with things.

Here’s a HUGE shout out to Iqra Aziz, by the way! The way she has portrayed Naeema’s character SO well that you can’t help but hate her. And we absolutely love that!


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