Nadia Khan And Meera Jee Just Had A Cat Fight On Live TV And MEEOWW

By Iman Zia | 31 Jan, 2019

Meera jee and Nadia Khan don’t really have the most courteous relationship, put lightly. In 2015, Meera was invited onto ‘The Nadia Khan Show’ on ‘Geo Television,’ where for reasons yet unknown, the controversial celebrity walked off the set and slapped the producer. Allegedly Meera then locked herself in Nadia’s makeup room and apparently abused another member of Nadia’s team. Nadia later took to social media to say that “the war is on.”




…So it suffices that both Meera and Nadia don’t really get along.

Source: NBC


Nadia now hosts a game show on ‘Bol Television’ called ‘Croron Mein Khel’ where she invites various Pakistani celebrities to play.

Ayesha Omar, Imran Ashraf, Syed Jibran, Javed Sheikh and Hina Altaf are just a few of the celebrities who have been invited onto the show.

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In the latest episode of the game show, we’ll be seeing Meera jee as Nadia’s guest – however judging from the promo we’re not expecting it to be a reconciliation.

Nadia said in the promo that after the 2015 incident, she would never call this “personality” on her show ever again.

Source: Bol Network/YouTube


Nadia then questioned Meera’s persona, saying “itni bholi hai ya banti hai?”

The host then said that whatever show Meera comes onto, it always ends up incredibly “unpredictable.” She said that “kuch bhi hosakta hai, woh kuch bhi kesakti hai.”

Source: Bol Network/YouTube


The promo cut Nadia’s tirade to Meera entering the set and said that she was expecting a different type of introduction and insisted she wanted a “mohabbat wala show chah rahi thi.”

Source: Bol Network/YouTube


Meera warned Nadia (with a rather terrifying laugh) that if she were to truly come on the show as herself, then it would be “interesting.”

The celebrity then said how she had been in the industry for 30 years, and that she had worked not only in Pakistan but also India.

Source: Bol Network/YouTube


She asked Nadia to take back her “compliment” about being “unpredictable” to which Nadia said that it wasn’t even a bad word.

Source: Bol Network/YouTube


Source: NBC


Here’s the promo.


Do you think this is just for show? Or do you think it’s genuine?


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