Actress Nadia Jamil Sharing Her Experience Of Being Abused Is Encouraging Others To Come Forward

By Ather Ahmed | 14 Jan, 2018

The story of a dozen women coming forward to accuse big-time Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape made headline. The allegations along with the subsequent #MeToo campaign prompted individuals across the globe including well-known media personalities to come out with their own suppressed stories of sexual misconduct.

The #MeToo campaign even managed to gain some ground in Pakistan wherein people are otherwise discouraged from reporting even something as severe as rape:


Often times a tragic event ends up becoming a catalyst for a positive change in society. The fairly recent story of 7-year old rape and murder victim has sparked a much-needed conversation in our society. Earlier this week, the mutilated body of Zainab was uncovered from a dumpster in Kasur an area that during the past few years has become notorious as a hub of child abuse cases.


Actress Nadia Jamil took to Twitter and opened up about her own experiences as a child when she was abused.


She also shed light on the hidden shame and how we’re automatically taught to brush this under the rug.


She called for a unanimous effort to educate boys from an early age.

This encouraged people from all over Pakistan to discuss instances where they too were sexually abused.


The stories are full of heartbreak..

And repressed memories…


And hope…

Many people gave their respect to Nadia and expressed their support


While the response was overwhelming, Nadia asked everyone to respect her body of work rather than focusing on her story of abuse.


And reminded everyone of one important fact:

We sincerely hope that the Zainab tragedy allows us as a society to evolve and not shy away from topics like these. The more we speak about them the better we’ll understand how to curb them.


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