Nadia Hussain Tried Explaining Why She Called Out A Woman Asking For A Discount And The Trolls Are Hitting Back Harder

By Sannia Bilal | 16 Nov, 2018

Nadia Hussain is not a new name to controversy since she never shies away from putting forth her point of view. She believes in speaking her mind and often ends up in hot water.

Recently, the model was bashed on her Instagram post where she had uploaded a screenshot of a chat she had with a girl. 

In her post on Instagram (that has been deleted now by Nadia) she had posted a conversation she had with a girl who kept claiming to be poor and was asking for a discount for lip fillers from her along with the caption, ‘I dont run a charity’.

Following her post, she faced a ton of backlash for being disrespectful to someone who reached out to her.


Now, in response to the reactions, she posted a video on Instagram, saying that the girl has approached her and apologised for her behavior.

In that clip, she also mentioned that the girl was not degraded or insulted in any way. The sole purpose of the post was to let everyone know to not send her such messages. She said that someone who has internet access, a phone, and a social media account and is claiming to be poor by asking for a discount on lip fillers is not something she would encourage.

Here’s the video:

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Obviously, as soon as she posted the video, reactions started pouring in. Some people pointed out how having internet access doesn’t mean a person is rich.

Via Instagram


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It was also mentioned that a discount shouldn’t be compared to charity.

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And that the messages could have easily been ignored 

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And since Nadia was playing by the screenshots, this person sarcastically asked for a screenshot of the girl’s apology.

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Some people thought Nadia was seeking attention.

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Others highlighted how, if the girl were a celebrity, she would’ve been treated free of cost.

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Once again, some people thought the entire debacle was rather hypocritical on Nadia’s part.

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Khair, this has gone on for way longer than it should have. Whose side are you on, if at all? Let us know in the comments.


Pakistanis Are Bashing Nadia Hussain For Calling Out Someone Who Asked For A Discount


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