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This Girl From Karachi Is Looking For Her Mystery Man But NO ONE Knows Who It Is

This Girl From Karachi Is Looking For Her Mystery Man But NO ONE Knows Who It Is


This girl from Karachi cannot find the man of her dreams, and the women of the world have joined forces in trying to help her figure out who the mystery man is.


The only lead we have is one lonely picture and that too doesn’t show the guy’s complete face.


This kind of thriller would put all of CID to shame, as even ACP Pradhuyman won’t be able to figure out ye zinda laash kis ki hai.

What happened a few nights ago was that she was at a wedding at KHA Club, Gulshan. And that’s when she saw this guy. Looks were exchanged and there was some definite chemistry. But the only issue was that due to certain circumstances she couldn’t go to the guy and talk to him.


So now we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find out who the guy is. And y’all NEED to help.


The guy is apparently famous. But not famous enough to be instantly recognizable and that’s a bad thing. For us, anyway.


For the time being, we don’t know who he is

And she has asked literally everyone she knew to identify him for her.

Disclaimer: This is not a real conversation. (duh…)

But we do know who he’s not. And he’s not a lot of people. Suggestions poured in from every corner of the country, naming every single man they knew. But it’s just not any one of them.


He’s not this guy

Source: Business Recorder

Or this guy

Source: Dawn

And definitely not this guy

Source: Pakistani Drama Reviews

Can’t be this guy either

Source: Twitter

Not him either, unfortunately


And thankfully not this guy

Source: Get News


So if you have any idea who the guy is, please let us know and help a fellow Pakistani out.

And if it’s you, then DEFINITELY get back to us.

To the mystery gentleman, dear sir, if you’re reading this, and this is you, please get back to us. We’re very curious aur mujhe tau raat ko neendh bhi nahi aayi.


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