This Mystery Iftaari Man In Peshawar Is Making Everyone Go MashAllah This Ramazan

By Biya Haq | 2 Jun, 2017

Ramazan is the time to show patience, peace, love and restraint. It’s also the time to give to others and care for the less fortunate. Unfortunately, not many of us can say we follow through on this.

The month becomes about iftaaris, overeating and complaining about everything we can. Basically the exact opposite of what Ramazan is supposedly about.


And this one kind man in Peshawar is reaping all the blessings by showing kindness toward those who keep rozay

We have no idea who he is and why he’s doing this, but it seems as though we have found our very own neighborhood hero in Peshawar. This image was posted by a user in a popular Facebook food group in Pakistan.


Source: Foodies R US / Facebook

Mr. Iftaari was seen handing out packets of what seems to be rooh afza doodh and good vibes because look at him.

Again, NO idea who is he and why he’s doing what he’s doing, but we can learn a thing or two from him. That is pure love and quite honestly, with a deed like that- absolute Ramazan goals.


The post got a ton of love as people were quick to appreciate all the good things our mystery iftari man was doing:

Source: Foodies R Us /Facebook


Source: Foodies R Us /Facebook


Let’s be real, race, class, sect or gender makes no difference when it comes to food

Source: Foodies R Us /Facebook


Pakistan, iftaaribaad

Source: Foodies R Us /Facebook


There is a chance that we could be reading this image completely wrong and our mystery man may not be who he seems but a picture does say a million words.

The point is that we can all learn something from another’s good deeds, no matter the religion, race or gender may be. This deed, is something we should all take a second to chew on (after iftaari, of course).

Know who this bearded wonder is? Let us know! There’s nothing more important than spreading some love and in this case it starts with a nice cold cup of rooh afza doodh.

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