15 Reasons Why Your Sister is the Best Friend You Could Ever Ask For

By Sadia Khan | 23 Nov, 2015

Having a sister around you makes everything okay. Whenever there is a trouble knocking at your door, you know your sister will find a way to get you out of it. You may have stupid fights on silly things but at the end, you will always find a million reasons to stay together. And you know what’s better than having a sister? Having more than one sisters!

Here are some of the things that you can relate to if you have a sister. Enjoy! ūüôā

1. You love them despite the endless struggle of sharing

Let it be your favorite shirt or the ring you just bought last week, your sister will surely need it much more badly than you ever did. You cant say no to them because who knows may be one day you will be asking them for that black jacket they got as a gift. Being a sister means you have to have a BIG heart and be always ready to share your favorite stuff.

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2. Gossip Gossip Gossip!

Conversations with your sisters start from “you know what phupho said to ami?” and usually end up at “This girl i saw at McDonald was wearing such a hideous shirt”. The spool of gossip keeps unwinding between sisters. Gossiping is like a ritual that you need to perform every time you guys sit together or when you are trying hard to study but your sister won’t shut up.

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3. The crazy fights only make you love them more

Be it the sarcastic remark she made about you 10 days ago that you just remembered or asking the other one to go downstairs because your mom needs one of you to help her with something. Small things escalate into crazy fights and out of nowhere you guys stop talking to each other for days. But you make up as quickly, as well.


4. Your sisters can be your partner in each and every “crime”

This has to be the best part of having a sister, you guys can stay together and do all the things you would never dare to do alone. And those family dinners can be less boring when you have someone beside you to make fun of everyone else. Even shopping escapades are that much more fun with a sister!


5. Sisters are always ready to take the blame for you

This goes best with an elder sister, she will always take the blame for something that you did because she can handle the parents much better than you. She might scold you a little afterwards which is better than your ammi ka chittar. It takes a lot to take a blame for someone and only sisters are brave enough to do so.


6. Friends of a sister are your friends

Their friends come to your house, you all hang out together and in a short time you are more like a part of their group. Planning surprise birthday parties and trips to you favorite places is more fun when you have so many friends involved.


7. Your sisters never ask for anything when helping you

When the month is about to end, you know you always have one more wallet to look into for money. Yeah, it belongs to your sister. You can borrow the money from her which you never ever return but that does not stop her from lending some to you again. “It is for the last time” she may say, but who cares!¬†Behn hi hai.


8. Only a sister knows your secrets better than anyone else

And protects them as if her life depends on it. Your sisters know you inside out. All your deepest, darkest secrets, your first crush, your least favorite cousin even where you actually went with your friends last week while you told your parents it was just a “school trip”. She may tease you with a¬†“haan. Bataun phir?”¬†But you know sisters aren’t actually wired to snitch on you.


9. Sisters are also your home therapist

Whenever you are in a dilemma, or just had a heartbreak or your life is leading to nowhere. You have one person to go to, to pour your heart out. That is your sister…She will always calmly listen to you and give you the sincerest advice.

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10. Sometimes you hate your sisters when people start comparing you all

Your parents can’t help but compare you and your sister all the time. from the high grades she scored to the biryani she cooked last night. everything seems to be a competition for them. “Beta, behan se seekho” you may¬†hear this for your entire life and it really pisses you off but you’d rather be compared to your sister than that snooty¬†neighbor girl who thinks too highly of herself.


11. You have your sisters to go to if you need fashion advice

Heading out somewhere? You spend hours and hours to decide the perfect outfit and put tons of makeup but at the end what do you get? Your sister telling you that yellow is so not your color. But because you trust her, instead of pulling her hair out for ruining your ghanton ki mehnat with just one sentence you calmly put on the shade she recommends instead.

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12. Sharing household chores is a breeze with sisters

Remember when your mom wanted you to do the dishes but you badly wanted to watch your favorite drama and your sister was kind enough to volunteer? This is one of those moments when you actually feel lucky to have a sister around. Maybe someday when you are in a good mood, you might offer to clean the room. Or maybe not, who knows.

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13. If you fancy yourself a Musarat Misbah your sisters are your canvas

Every time you buy a new cosmetic item, you can’t wait to try it on your sisters. They¬†will sit there, like a statue and you can carry on with your bad, bad make up skills. They¬†won’t say a word till they see¬†it and will laugh hysterically with you.


14. The yummy food you get to eat courtesy of your sisters is unparalleled

Having a sister is a true blessing but what about having a sister who is good at cooking?
A dream come true! she will experiment all the new recipes she just read on the internet       and you will be the judge, being the first one to taste it. You can always ask her to cook         something for you and enjoy being fed like the fat potato that you are.

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15. In spite of all the fights and struggles and tussles you know you can and will always love your sisters more than your own life

No matter how many times you tell her that you hate her and get into fights for a million times in a single day, you still love her to the moon and back because no one can be like her. She will always be there for you when you had a bad day or a good news to share. She will be there on your graduation day, your first day at office and will dance the night away on your mehndi. You need her and she needs you.

Always, sisters before misters.

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