A Facebook Page Just Tried To Offend Muslims But Muslims Trolled Back, Savagely

By Biya Haq | 28 Jul, 2017

Hi friends,

We all know Muslims all over the world constantly have to deal with a ton of hate. Whether it’s because of our politics (lolsy @Nawaz), affiliations with terrorist groups or anything remotely related to Islam. Islam is somehow always immediately tainted by the actions of a few.


And look, this Facebook page tried to offend Muslims and it all started with this little guy:

Source: Manifest Method Via: Facebook


The Facebook group, “Manifest Method of Madness,” posted this image with the following riveting caption:

Source: Manifest Method Via: Facebook


Like, ok.

WELL, we thought it was time we stood up for ourselves in the BEST WAY millennials know how. Trolling.

Source: Yevbel Via: Giphy


So instead of Muslims being completely upset and angry with this blatant display of ignorance and hate, they put their best foot forward in a series of super sarcastic comments and it. was. HILARIOUS. 

Oh NoOooOoooo

Source: Manifest Method Via: Facebook

Literally, it’s over

Source: Manifest Method Via: Facebook

HAHA @Nawaz Sharif

Source: Manifest Method Via: Facebook

Challo boys, road trip

Source: Manifest Method Via: Facebook

SO offended

Source: Manifest Method Via: Facebook

Bye bye faith, nice knowing you

Source: Manifest Method Via: Facebook


Of course we aren’t endorsing the message that the group was hoping to send but sometimes having a good sense of humor about these things is the only way to go.

Did you love the sarcasm? Did you find it funny? Do you have any other fire comebacks? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


Bye friends.

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