Muniba Mazari Just Penned A Heartfelt Letter Amidst The Brutal Criticism She's Been Receiving

By Sajeer Shaikh | 7 Dec, 2017

Muniba Mazari recently became involved in a troubling situation when her ex-husband sued her for defamation. 

Khurram Shahzad, a retired Pakistan Air Force fighter pilot, filed a case against Muniba Mazari for blaming him for all that she went through.


As soon as the news spread, social media went in on Muniba.

Some publications sided with her. Others chose to believe the ex-husband. The same was done by all those sitting at home, skimming through the details of someone’s personal life. To put it briefly – it’s been pretty messy.

However, Muniba has spoken up and addressed her critics, supporters and loved ones combined. She penned a letter in the form of a detailed Facebook post. Here’s what it says:

To all of my followers, critics and supporters alike,If you’re reading this and you are married and happy, I wish…

Posted by Muniba Mazari on Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017

The post addresses – among other things – both categories of people: those who are leading a blissful life and those who are struggling. For those who are leading blessed lives, she had the following to say:

“Remember that every marriage goes through its ups and down, but as long as you hold on to respect for each other, no mountain is too high and no storm is too great.”

Moreover, for those who are struggling, she shared the following words of wisdom:

“If you’re reading this and you are married but unhappy and struggling, then know that I am sending all of my love and prayers your way. Remember that you are not alone, that this too is only a phase of your life and like all other phases, this too shall pass.”


Immediately, people chimed in to support Muniba.

Via Facebook

They explained how she didn’t need to justify anything, for there will always be haters.

Via Facebook

Some pointed out how they never doubted her.

Via Facebook

The immense support showed how Muniba’s followers will remain undeterred by the ongoing mud-slinging.

Via Facebook

And it became clear that Muniba’s words had moved many of her supporters.

Via Facebook

Incidents such as these show how it takes years to build up a reputation, and one simple accusation to tear it all down. However, we hope Muniba Mazari remains strong in the face of such hurdles, coming out stronger than before.

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