This Pakistani Designer Really Understands How To Make Boys Look Like Men

By Arslan Athar | 2 Jul, 2017

Menswear in Pakistan has often been shoved into a corner. Go into any shop in Pakistan and the size of the men’s collection in comparison to the women’s is shocking. Iss se behtar hai ke jagga na hi dou. Men have hearts too, they also want to look good and post #OOTDs on Instagram (okay maybe not, but you get the point). It’s as if they just decide to throw a few pieces at us, just to appease us.


Dear men, you no longer have to worry. We have a savior and his name is Munib Nawaz.


The brand started back in 2003 and has since wow-ed us with his out of the box designs and ideas. The Munib Nawaz label has long seen associated with quality menswear and a new look towards fashion for guys. This man and his valiant effort needs to be celebrated. These are some of his most ‘interesting’ collections and design. Mulahiza Farmaye:


Patterns and bold prints usually scare away some men, but not Munib 

Source: Munib Nawaz / Facebook

I mean,  just look at those pants

Source: Munib Nawaz / Facebook

It’s pretty evident that his designs and ideas thrive ‘outside the box’ 

Source: Munib Nawaz / Facebook

He’s pushing the realm of possibilities and we’re loving it

The unholy mixing of ajrak and pant suit, not as crazy as you thought.

Source: Munib Nawaz / Facebook

You really can’t look at suits the same way anymore

Even Osman Khalid Butt agrees

Now that is one funky blazer.

@aclockworkobi you Slayer

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You could say, he’s obsessed

Munib’s Eid collection this year was also no less that extraordinary.

Kurtas like you’ve never seen before. He’s bringing in elements we never associate with the humble shalwar kameez and really re-defining the menswear landscape.

Source: Munib Nawaz / Facebook

Suddenly the possibilities are endless. You’ll be left wondering why we didn’t have kurtas like this before Munib. 

Source: Munib Nawaz / Facebook

Women can’t have all the fun, now can they?

Source: Munib Nawaz / Facebook

He makes a punch with his sherwani re-design 

What makes him stand out from the rest is that fact that Munib pays close attention to detail

Even the inside of this waistcoat is lined with a patterned fabric. No stone is left unturned in pursuit of creating the most perfect look.

Source: Munib Nawaz / Facebook

He sure does know how to make a statement

#green #trending #menswear #phantom #munibnawaz #camouflage #printonprint #humshowcase

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Munib is clearly a trailblazer, he may well on his way to change fashion for men in Pakistan. He’s doing things no one has dared to before. With collections coming out, each more daring than the last, he is en route to changing fashion for men in Pakistan, and starting a different type of trend.

Who’s your favorite designer, boys?


Cover Photo Courtesy: Munib Nawaz/ Facebook 

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