Multan's Air Space Was Shut Down And Social Media Is Causing Unnecessary Drama

By Biya Haq | 25 Mar, 2019

Fake news galore?

Though tensions between India and Pakistan have deescalated, for the time being,

At the end of the day, it is still India and Pakistan. The baggage of our long-standing rivalry is way too much to unpack through one simple tweet. It’s progress! But we’ve still got some time before the border is open for shopping day trips to Mumbai.

However, since last night, rumours of an alleged attack at the hands of Indian troops have been taking over social media.

Nothing has been confirmed by authorities as yet however people all over Multan seem to be in a panic with wildly detailed rumours of an alleged shooting taking place last night which the involved Indian fighter jets being shot down as well as pilots being taken into Pakistani custody.

The Multan airports air space was shut down causing some cause for concern in the eyes of residents and Pakistanis all over.

And for many, that meant connecting the air space issue with the rumours of attacks resulting in, of course, India trying to attack us again.

One person on Twitter even posted an explanation with video proof.

However, of course, the narrative carried by people at the moment has been that the people responsible for the ‘shooting’ have been at the hands of none other than, the Indian Air Force.

Given that nothing has been confirmed and that literally no sign of Indian forces have been left in the city, this is ridiculous. Yes, we have a history of warfare with India. Does that mean every single attack is their fault? Nope, sorry. Not saying that we should be as naive to think that India’s hands will always be clean, however, given that no actual evidence has been presented thus far, we need to start questioning the conversations around us.

Regardless, the ‘rumours’ were circulating social media platforms and evidently, caused some panic among Multanis.

However, there have been accounts of multiple people, stating that no activity was seen when the supposed firing took place.

For now, all we know is that some kind of confirmation has yet to be made by our own forces as well as India’s and without that confirmation, these rumours will continue to maintain unnecessary panic.

We do understand that Twitter nowadays has been the go-to for keeping everyone updated and in touch with events that may take place within one’s country. However, perpetuating information that has not even been confirmed can be more lethal than we know. We need to learn to question the statements around us, trending or not.

Have you seen the conversation on Twitter? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo source: News Nation

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