13 Times Mrs. Weasley From Harry Potter Was Like A Typical Desi Mother

By Hurmat Riaz | 22 Sep, 2017

Mrs. Weasley was one of the most badass characters in the Harry Potter series (after Professor McGonagall, obviously). She was a fierce mother with a warm heart, always ferreting around her kids and their friends. But as I was having the umpteenth Harry Potter movie marathon of my life, I realized that Mrs. Weasley is more desi than angraiz.

And here’s why:


1. She buys and makes stuff for her children (and their friends) to show her love

Everyone knows desi mothers love to dress up their kids in the same clothes and everyone also knows how much it SUCKS.

Source: Heyday Films


2. She loves to stuff her kids with loads of food

And then asks why they’re getting fat. Typical desi mom dilemma.

Source: Heyday Films


3. She scolds her kids in public and doesn’t care if she embarrasses them

Like a desi mother, she doesn’t care where her kids are standing. She’ll start lecturing them right away.

Source: Heyday Films


4. She always compares her kids to their friends – in FRONT of them.

A desi ammi always compares you with your friends saying, ‘Why can’t you be like him? He’s such a nice kid.’ And only you know how much harami he is.

Source: Heyday Films


5. She hosts loads of people without worrying about all the extra work she’ll have to do

And we know how much desi ammiyaan love to prepare for a dinner where the whole family sits together for a feast.

Source: Heyday Films


6. She has very high expectations of her children

We all know how our mothers make us clean our room even though the guests are going to sit in the living room. Every. Time.

Source: Heyday Films


7. She has a celebrity crush but she never admits it

Just like the way Mrs. Weasley swoons over Lockhart, we all know how much our moms love Fawad Khan (without ever admitting to it).

Source: Heyday Films


8. She packs food for her kids for their ride, whether they like it or not

Desi moms pack their kids stuff like anda paratha for the journey whether the kids wants it or not.

Source: Heyday Films


9. She doesn’t like the girl her son falls in love with

Because her eldest son did pasand kee shadi.

Source: Heyday Films


10. Because she had someone else in her mind as her bahu

Like any other desi mom, she had plans in her mind for her son. In this case, Nymphadora Tonks.

Source: Heyday Films


11. But she eventually makes her peace with her bahu for the sake of her son

Because at the end of the day, she wants her son to be happy. Typical desi mom move. Lol.

Source: Heyday Films


12. She keeps her husband in check making sure he doesn’t get out of line

Look at her here! She practically makes her husband scold their children for something cool they did.

Source: Heyday Films


13. And just like every desi mom, she can actually kill for her children

She killed Bellatrix Lestrange and she actually called her a kutti.

Source: Heyday Films

I can add a hundred more points to this, but for now Potterheads – do you all agree with me? Tell us in the comments.


Cover image via: Heyday Films

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