This Motorcyclist's Cross-Country Journey Through Pakistan Will Motivate You To Go Further

By Aam Nawab | 21 Sep, 2016

A road trip around Pakistan is a roadie’s dream come true. Every 25 kilometers, the landscapes shift, language dialects change, features on the faces that beam back at you slightly modify and cuisines transform. With the help of Total PARCO, one international travel enthusiast and biker embarked on a mission close to every Pakistani’s heart: to experience all the diversity our country has to offer while exploring the sights, sounds and acquainting himself with extraordinary personalities.

In the past, Moin Khan undertook an ambitious trip from San Francisco to Lahore covering 22 countries and a whopping distance of 40,000 km in six months.

Source: Twittistan
Source: Twittistan

Celebrating Pakistan’s 69th Independence day by featuring their extensive network spread out all over the country, Total PARCO decided to team up with Moin Khan for a cross-country trip. Tapping into his profound love affair with Pakistan, Total PARCO not only facilitated the journey but also encouraged Moin to document his conversations with patriots who have overcome hardships and given back to their respective communities in the best way possible.

Moin set out to “the city that never sleeps”, Karachi, the charming financial capital of Pakistan.

People from all over Pakistan rush to the buzzing city in hopes of opportunities and livelihood.

Source: Dawn
Source: Dawn

Like many others, Karachi was also home to Zulfiqar Ali Chachar, the man behind one of the most inspirational stories we’ve heard in a long time. Chachar’s journey from being a kulfi-seller to not only putting himself through school despite tremendous hurdles but also graduating from IBA, one of the top business schools in the country, is an eye-opener for all.

Earning a scholarship whilst helping his family, Zulfiqar made his dream of accomplishing something far bigger than being a rehri-wala come true.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

In the candid conversation with Moin, Chachar highlights his struggle in Aman Chachar, the small town of Bhatki.

Zulfiqar stated how difficult it was to go through primary school education while being desperate for a single rupee.

And his story doesn’t end there.

Not only did Chachar manage to successfully achieve his personal endeavors but has now set up a primary and secondary standard school in his village, the first educational institute ever in that area. Zulfiqar says that he wishes to bring the whole village at par with the educational standards across Pakistan.

“Work hard, respect your parents and frequent in prayer and there will be nothing in life that you wouldn’t be able to achieve”, were his concluding remarks.

Heading over from Karachi to Multan, we’re introduced to the “city of saints”

Source: wikipedia

No trip to this city is complete without experiencing the Sufi tombs, checking out the world-renowned blue pottery and indulging in lip-smacking “sohan halwa

Source: Zorain Via: Foodies R Us

Home to this colorful city is the dark trade of bonded labor, which has been the driving force behind Syeda Ghulam Fatima’s crusade to free those sold to a lifetime of “modern slavery”. Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York brought to light Fatima’s cause and NGO, raising millions from all over the world in the process.

Seeing girls her age toil away at the brick kilns with no provision of food and water broke her heart.

Syeda Ghulam Fatima disclosed being the daughter of an activist and how her journey began when she was in eighth grade, merely 12-13 years of age.

Her efforts were discouraged by the mafia time and time again, eventually landing her in the hospital with bullet wounds.  Fatima recounted a moment when laborers came to her rescue:

chorri aaye, bhag ke aaye, chup ke aaye

She shared that she dreams of a Pakistan that is prosperous, successful and free of the evils of bonded labor. “Bonded labor and slavery is a despicable crime for any thriving society”, Fatima stated. “It is my appeal to the masses to join hands with Bonded Labor Liberation Front Pakistan to end this heinous practice”.


Mounting on his bike, Moin’s next destination is the zinda dilon ka sheher, Lahore.

Source: Zameen

Complete with the buzzing streets, we see the gorgeous view of Minar-e-Pakistan and Badshahi mosque in all her glory.

Source: Flikr
Source: Flikr

Moin also decides to bend it like the Lahoris.

Source: Giphy Via: Haadia Paracha

Jahan dost nai yaar hein,” Moin comments as he drives through Anarkali Bazaar et al, taking in the crisp air of Lahore, in full.

In Lahore, we meet the very inspirational and charismatic, Muniba Mazari: Goodwill Ambassador For UN Women, Artist, Motivational Speaker and an unstoppable force.

Source: womentalkonline

Talking about her experience at the UN, Muniba said that she wanted to project a positive image of Pakistan; one that is synonymous with strength amongst women instead of victimhood that is usually seen in the news.

She spoke about not giving up in the face of adversity, about how hearing the doctor tell her she wouldn’t be able to walk again or have a child of her own didn’t stop her from being her own rock.

Crediting everything she is today to her mother, Muniba is heard saying, “The wall of strength you see in me is the tiniest reflection of my mother”

Glimpses of Muniba’s self-expression is seen in the profound art she makes perfectly encapsulating her emotions of fear, joy, and pain.


“I paint my heart out and I paint my soul”

Discussing her vision for Pakistan, Muniba says she envisions a Pakistan full of free-thinking individuals in terms of their ideas and expression – one where every single citizen enjoys the freedoms bestowed upon them.

Every leg of Moin Khan’s journey through mountainous terrains and tough weather is fueled by the ‘Likes’ on his short video documentaries as well as fueled by Total PARCO’s wide network across Pakistan. We’re anticipating the stories that are yet to come and appreciate the cause. Here’s one of our favorite video thus far – be sure to like it so Moin keeps going forward on his journey!


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