This Guy Traveled Across Pakistan On A Motorbike To Meet Some Very Inspirational People

By Aam Nawab | 4 Oct, 2016

A motorcyclists’ roadtrip across Pakistan caught our attention for its unique proposition: taking a cross-country trip whilst picking up inspirational personalities spread all over with their distinctive experiences and the ability to rise above all odds. The motorcyclist was Moin Khan, who first rose to fame due to his striking feat of covering  22 countries and a mind-blowing distance of 40,000 km in six months to make it to Lahore from San Francisco.

This journey was made possible by Total PARCO’s vision to bring something extra for a common Pakistani and make them fall in love with Pakistan and it’s people all over again. Previously covering Karachi, Multan and Lahore, Moin Khan embarked on a mission to Islamabad.

Islamabad proudly holds a position amidst the world’s most beautiful capitals.

Source: akramabid Via: blogspot
Source: akramabid Via: blogspot

Islamabad is quite the heaven on Earth, well-nested between mountains and lush green trees, with a fresh dose of oxygen for your lungs and soothing scenic beauty for the eyes.

Source: Summitpost
Source: Summitpost

And who doesn’t want to free-wheel on a heavy bike like Moin?

Source: Giphy Via: Haadia Paracha
Source: Giphy Via: Haadia Paracha

In this very city rose an unlikely hero who not only broke all stereotypes for what a woman can and cannot do, but also set a precedent for womenfolk in the future. Shamim Akhtar is a full-time force to be reckoned with and part-time truck driver, the very first in Pakistan’s history. The woman is a walking-talking (and driving) proof of gender equality and determination.

Shamim spoke about how driving a truck had ultimately become her source of income and sustenance over the years.

This was only made possible by the multiple certifications and training she had earned.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

Looking at her travel itinerary, one can notice a certain trend of areas that have been labelled rather ‘backward’ but Shamim states that she works these parts along with any other that come in her way with her head held high.

It is quite admirable seeing the kind of support her local community has extended to her, many lovingly nicknamed her as “Bhai Jaan” 

This was coined for her strength to be at par with any other man.

“My strength increases day by day”, she adds extending profound gratitude to the people of her community.

Shamim shared that her dream for Pakistan is one where women have the opportunity to also be a breadwinner if she chooses to. 

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

“My message for my Pakistani sisters and daughters is to choose hard-work and commit to it with perseverance and love”, were her concluding remarks.


The next leg of the trip took Moin up north, all the way to Gilgit-Baltistan.

Gilgit-Baltistan is home to the highest peaks and lustre lakes and the beauty found there is unparalleled.

Source: trekearth
Source: trekearth


Not only are the sights breathtaking, they leave you awestruck at God’s sheer magnanimity.

Source: imgrum
Source: imgrum

People from the Gilgit-Baltistan region are equally fascinating: warm, inviting and with vigour polished by the tough terrains. Hailing from the Satpara town in Skardu, Hassan Satpara became the first Pakistani to trek and climb six 8000 meter peaks, including Mount Everest And K-2.

Hassan talks about how his resolve to climb the peaks was reaffirmed by his need to raise Pakistan’s flag atop the highest of mountains much like the foreign mountaineers.

Scaling one of the highest mountains in the world was no easy feat but Hassan mentions how the adventurous streak ran in his family. Once he had set his mind to attempt this, there was nothing stopping him.

Hassan Satpara often dreams about a Pakistan whose beauty is seen, experienced and appreciated by people all over the world.

Riding on his region’s reputation for being generous hosts, Hassan wants the perception of security issues to fade so a more open-border policy can be maintained.

“Jo bhi apnay haath se acha kaam hay woh ker dein, hum mehnat kareingay tou hamare mulk ka naam barkaraar rahayga”, were his parting words to the 18 crore Pakistanis.


To bring us these inspiring stories, Moin Khan traveled 2400 kilometers and such an exciting and enlightening journey would not have been possible without the continued help, support and encouragement of the Total PARCO team and their widespread network across Pakistan.


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