Women In Pakistan And Across The World Are Coming Forward With Harassment Incidents They've Faced In Mosques

By Alveena Jadoon | 23 Feb, 2018

#MosqueMeToo is trending on Twitter and we’ll tell you why.


Earlier, a facebook user from Pakistan took to Facebook to open up about an incident and how it marred her entire experience of going to the Kaaba

In an article by Stepfeed, Sabica highlighted her ordeal. It happened when she was performing Tawaaf around the Kaaba. Someone put a hand on her waist and because she was not expecting anything like that to happen, she told herself that it was a mistake and moved ahead. It wasn’t until it happened again that she realized that it was entirely on purpose. It did not matter that tawaaf was being performed, and the guy kept on doing it again. She talks about how this incident overshadows the Hajj because she no longer felt safe.

A very important thing that Sabica highlighted was that she was afraid to share her experience because it would hurt the religious sentiments of people. However, it is important to talk about this because people should know that women are not safe anywhere, not even the most holy place considered by Muslims.

Source: abhuk.com


A lot of women opened up about their experiences as a result. It was revealed how common it is to get harassed during such pilgrimages

Via: Facebook


Via: Facebook


Women are now using the hashtag #MosqueMeToo to highlight how common it is for them to get harassed at places of worship


This hashtag was started by Mona Eltahawy, who is a feminist author and public speaker


Women from across the world are using the hashtag to highlight their stories


Men are also joining in the conversation and opening up about their own experiences

Of course, there is expression of shock at the revelation of such incidents being so common in places of worship where, one assumes, everyone is going to feel safe.


Those with claims that this is an agenda against the religion need to understand that such problems do exist

Instead of ignoring them or labelling them as propaganda, we need to accept them and address them. The answer does not lie in segregation.

This will not erase the mentality that pushes people to commit such acts. People should be able to control themselves in places that are not segregated. The entire world cannot be segregated because some individuals have not learnt how to overcome their animalistic desires.

Let’s continue to speak up and keep the conversation going.


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