Momina Mustehsan Announced Her Break Up On Valentine's Day And Here's How People Are Reacting

By Sarah Babar | 15 Feb, 2017

Momina Mustehsan, according to most of the male population, was the best thing to have come out of Pakistan in 2016, right after the Bik Gayi Gormint wali aunty. From the time she first came on Coke Studio, to people swooning over her brother, to people speaking their hearts out to her, to Mubasher Lucman having something to say (as always) about her, and speculations over her engagement.


There was a lot of speculation over Momina’s relationship status when she first came to public notice

So she had to put all the rumors to rest.


Leking phir ye hua


And the sound of hearts breaking was heard all over the subcontinent


But then, of course, there were speculations that things weren’t all that great in good-looking logon ki Paradise, but Momina wasn’t having none of that


As of yesterday, though, Momina made a very heartbreaking announcement, herself:


She said that no one gets engaged to have it called off

and that’s what makes you realize that there is a human element to celebrities, one that we choose to ignore. In spite of the fact that she’s still really young and still settling into her new-found stardom, Momina is doing a pretty good job navigating her way through.


People on the internet came in throngs to support her


It wasn’t just women lauding her for being able to express herself openly, but also men


The support came from across the border, too


And it’s like Momina said, ‘the best part about life is that it goes on’


While people might hate on her for one thing or the other, the Internet was full of support for Momina, and we’re kinda glad it is. Because the Internet can be a horrible place. And as for Momina, we hope you get through this. ♥


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