Pakistani Designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Styled Ranveer Singh For A Photo Shoot & The Results Are Jaw Dropping

By Arslan Athar | 27 Nov, 2018

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha is an established name in the Pakistani fashion world. He’s worked with multiple celebrities and has created some fantastic concepts.


Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s looks have grace and royalty written all over them 

Source: @mohsin.naveed.ranjha / Instagram


And while he’s crafted gorgeous looks for women, he’s hasn’t ignored men 

Source: @mohsin.naveed.ranjha / Instagram


A few months back Mohsin floated a selfie with himself and none other than Ranveer Singh 

Source: @mohsin.naveed.ranjha / Instagram


They hinted at an upcoming collaboration between the two, and the prospect was pretty exciting. 

Source: @mohsin.naveed.ranjha / Instagram


Finally, after a quite a few months we got to feast our eyes on what Mohsin and Ranveer were able to create together. 

Source: @mohsin.naveed.ranjha / Instagram

The actor posed for the cover of India’s popular ‘Filmfare’ magazine, wearing a custom look designed by Mohsin himself.


We got to speak to the designer himself and ask him about the experience of working with the megastar. 

Source: Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

‘It was a true delight working with Ranveer Singh. He is incredibly humble and his infectious personality made the whole experience an anecdote I will be sharing for a long time.’

According to Ranjha, he crafted this outfit keeping in mind Ranveer Singh and his flamboyant personality. He specifically said that the ‘outfit represents elements of eccentric glamor balanced by classic and sleek aesthetics.’


Elements that we personally LOVED were the kaam walay lapels

Source: @mohsin.naveed.ranjha / Instagram


The lace, sheer shirt that he wore under the jacket is AMAZING

The actor has never shied away from traditionally feminine fabrics and cuts. He’s always seemed to carry them off with confidence and SWAG, which is EXACTLY what he has done here.

Source: @mohsin.naveed.ranjha / Instagram


Ranveer himself shared what he thought about the designs that Mohsin dressed him in

On an ending note, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha said that the experience was ‘wonderful and humbling’, and that he would LOVE to work with Ranveer Singh again.

The cover of the magazine looks absolutely mesmerizing, and it’s hard to keep your eyes off Ranveer Singh (but there’s nothing new there). It’s great to see our fashion designers going across the border to collaborate with Indian celebrities, and absolutely killing at the game. Pakistani fashion has always had a market in India and such crossovers are further proof of it.

Here’s hoping that these collaborations continue.


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Cover Photo Courtesy @mohsin.naveed.ranjha / Instagram

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