Modi Just Threatened To “Nuke” Pakistan Why's No One In The World Giving A Fuck Anymore?

By Ramsha Bhatti | 20 Apr, 2019

Just when we thought India might have come to its senses, after the very stupid and horribly executed surgical strike propaganda which was followed up with some insane trolling on both sides , well folks, Hindustan is back at it again.

After getting roasted left, right, and center, India is still persistent in its attempts to “figuratively” destroy us. Matlab, apni bongio se ye thakte bhe nahi.


So Modi has threatened to “NuKe PaKiStAn” once again with some top-level nuclear bomb and all we can think of is, kya bakwas hai

During a campaign rally in his home state of Gujarat, India, he said, “we have the mother of nuclear bombs. I decided to tell [Pakistan], do whatever you want to do but we will retaliate.”


As per Modi’s statements from one of his recent speeches, he declared that he threatened Pakistan with their nuclear arsenal.

Okay, Modi. You’ve got a bigger d*ck. Now sit back down.


Apparently, the Indian PM, Narendra Modi, once again made up some unrealistic narrative that no one, but the Indian population, is buying. Modi tried to please the crowd by talking about how India is no longer a volatile nation and can retaliate if Pakistan continues with its terror attacks in India.


India, as per Modi, has “ThE mOtHeR oF aLl NuClEaR bOmBs!” Okay.

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Okay so, I may or may not have paid too much attention in my Political science class, but nuclear war is pretty much a no go zone in the present age. It doesn’t matter how big or small India’s nuclear arsenal is, aisi koi harkat karne se the global political community will boycott them and matlab, they can’t really do anything. Well, they can do as they please but like that would just be the full-fledged start of another world war and the India of this world as we know it.


Pakistani’s literally have no comments for these sastay attention seeking harbay… like, no comments at all. Literally no one is addressing this nonsensical but serious threat

While war threats are not meant to be taken lightly, the entire Pakistani populace literally has no fucks to give to the news now. Maybe the repetitive attention-grabbing behavior has become too mundane for anyone in Pakistan to comment upon.


There seems to almost complete silence among the world population.

While India is leaving no stone unturned in its attempts to scare Pakistan into hiding with its verbal attacks, the entire social and digital media in Pakistan seems to be quiet on the matter. No leaders have addressed this and none of the mainstream media outlets are addressing this possibility.

Looking deeper into the matter, only a handful of people are taking up the discussion with little to almost no attention being paid to the news from the mainstream media.

While India continues to malign and verbally attack Pakistan on a global platform, Pakistan seems to have had enough of this drama. No one from Pakistan’s political community has commented on the issue so far. However, not everyone is silent on the case as our Chinese biradri  has, for sure, reminded India that Pakistan is not to be messed with since we have their support.


But on a rather serious note, threatening to incite Nuclear War is not something to be taken lightly. 

Bomb Blasts Pakistan

Had it been Pakistan on the threatening end, there would have been global media outrage for Pakistan’s hostile nature and terror-inducing capacity. The fact that India can dismantle our sovereignty, invade our air space, and then go onto threaten us with nuclear bombs with no backlash or consequences is just absurd.

Dragging one nation for being a terrorist state and not paying heed to the hostile statements of another is a clear case of discrimination and bias. Kya ye khulla tazaad nahi?

While we wait for someone to stand up to this issue, don’t you think India needs to find new issues to use in their political drives? Do you think Modi’s threats are to be taken seriously? Let us know what you think about the issue in the comments.


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