LOL, These Mobile Snatchers Got Caught Because Of Their Selfies On The Stolen Phone 😂😂😂

By Owais Bin Asad | 13 Jan, 2019

Mobile phone snatching has, unfortunately, become sort of a norm in Pakistan. Every day we get to hear news about how someone’s phone got snatched at gunpoint by mobile snatchers. Usually, those stolen phones are hardly ever recovered, but not in this case.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet these two guys. Their names are Nadeem and Majid…

…but I kinda wanna call them Jimmy and Chimmy. Idk, seems to fit.

Source: Twitter / @SherySyed_

Jimmy and Chimmy (is this…is this working?) are two wonderful street criminals. They’re your everyday snatchers, like the ones we hear about in the news. Like every snatcher, they also snatched a mobile phone from a woman in Karachi’s DHA Phase VI on the 27th of December, 2018. But what sets these two smart gentlemen apart is what they did after the snatching.

Nadeem and Majid (yeah, sticking to their real names) decided that it was a smart idea to take selfies on their newly bought (read: stolen) smartphone.

Source: Twitter / @SherySyed_

MashAllah, a part of me wants to make memes out of these lol. Ye dekhain…

Source: Twitter / @SherySyed_

Sounds like a harmless move, right? Well, as it turns out, the women who owned the phone had her phone set to back up every picture to her Google account LMAO.

Source: Sol Productions

I mean…even though I do not have any experience in stealing phones (pinky promise), itna tou mujhy bhi pata hai ke you format a stolen phone before using it! Khair, since these two didn’t do that, the woman found their pictures in her Google account.

Now, she had already submitted an FIR for her phone so all she had to do was to inform the police about this new “discovery” and she did exactly that.

The police took the picture and cross-checked against NADRA’s database. And lo and behold, they got all their details. This sounds like something out of a police fantasy book. Not only were both of these gentlemen arrested but the phone was also recovered and handed back to the woman.

A happy ending :’)

Of course, the Twitter army had to respond to this and it did.

It is kinda ironic and funny at the same time.

This one guy related to the news because something similar happened to his uncle.

Ok bas aik aur.

Facebook walay bhi peechay nahi rahay.

Source: Facebook / @etribune

This individual had an interesting opinion about this.

Source: Facebook / @etribune

Did we just help make snatchers smarter?

Anyhoo, I find this whole “incident” absolutely hilarious. And as an added bonus: no one got hurt in the process. Except maybe that chicken.

Source: Twitter / @SherySyed_

Anyway, the woman got her phone back in a way no one thought would ever happen. What do you think of this? Let me know in the comments below!

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