19 Places (And Things) In England That Every Desi Needs To Visit If They're Missing Home

By Sarah Babar | 8 Apr, 2017

England doesn’t let you miss anything desi because chances are, you’d be running into one every minute. The food, the people, even certain parts of cities, or cities on the whole will constantly remind you of back home and you’ll be in love with the place every second of it.

So if you’re ever in England and missing apna des, here we are with a list of the most desi places and things in England,¬†jahaan aa ker aap ko lugta hai aap Saddar mein, Anarkali mein, ya phir shayad Jinnah Market mein kharrey houn:


1. Punjab Bus

First off, there’s a typically Pakistani bus that can be seen (and sometimes heard) in the streets of Southall. So if you’re feeling homesick and you want to go see something that’ll remind you of home, this is it.

Source: Mind The News


2. B B Fatima

If there’s anything desi that you require in life, look no further. From desi masalas to Rooh Afza¬†ki bottlein,¬†to a plethora of desi people hanging around.

Source: 192.com


3. Tayyab’s

Imagine a¬†desi¬†restaurant in a¬†gora mulk¬†where people queue up for hours to get in! That’s Tayyabs for you. And, Allah, the food is isane.

Source: Hackney Post


4. Karachi Karahi

And imagine walking into this beauty with your head held high

Source: Yelp


5. The fact that there are places with so many desis that there are signs in Urdu

Source: TypeOff.


6. Sheesha places

Well, this just takes you back into good old Pakistan, doesn’t it?

Source: Beirut Nights


7. Edgware Road

With men staring at you and literally just Arabs and desis all over this street, Pakistan ki yaad mushkil se hi aaye gi

Source: Dawn


8. Pakistan High Commission

This place is London ka Liberty gol chakkar, with the amounts of protests taking place here.

Source: MQM.org


9. Bradford

Also dubbed Pakford, Bradford is probably one of the most desi cities in England. Sometimes, even the Queen comes to bhangra, here.

Source: Alamy


10. Every time Pakistan wins a match and the Pakis here go cray cray

Every desi here kinda goes a little crazy

Source: PakPassion.net


11. Pak Week at LSE

I’m not going to say much but…

Source: YouTube


12. Faiz Mela

Source: YouTube


13. Eid ul Fitr at Trafalgar Square

Source: The Arab Weekly


14. When everyone gets together for match screenings

Source: Daily Mail


15. Aladin’s Kebabish

According to one Karachi-Londonwala, Aman, whose a tourist in his own city,

“walking into Aladin’s is like walking into 90 in Karachi”

Source: Aman Haque


16. Gourmet Sweets

And if you miss seeing one of these bad boys everywhere you went, don’t worry,¬†ye bhi hai.¬†Rumor has it that the Queen gets her Gajar Ka Halwa from here, as well.

Source: localdatasearch


17. Salt n Pepper

Speaking of seeing restaurants everywhere you go, there’s this as well.

Source: Hospitality and Catering News


18. Westfield Stratford

If you ask any Lahori or Karachiite, they’ll tell you Butlers is a local brand. And what better if you have a Khaadi store¬†bus kuch hi qadmoun per?¬†Haye, gher ki yaad si aagayi..

Source: butlers
Source: twitter/raheelrao


19. Desi beggars at Edgware Road

These people will come at you, touch you, pull you by the clothes, tell you un ke bachey ke liye doodh ke paise nai hain, give you maa baap ka sadqa, tell you kitni sohni jori hai, bless you with prayers like Allah nayi gaari de mere pyaar sahab ko, and, Allah meri pyaari madam ko naya suit dilwaye..sound familiar?

Source: Daily Mail


Know any other desi gems in the land of the colonizers? Let us know in the comments down below.


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Cover image via: BBC

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