As Misbah And Younis Retire, Here's How Pakistanis Will Remember These Legendary Cricketers

By Iman Zia | 15 May, 2017

The end was nigh. As Misbah edged towards the center of the pitch, cricket fans watched with dark clouds of anticipation looming overhead. It was his last innings, and when Younis walked up to him for a quick embrace, that was the moment thousands watching welled up inside. It was the last time we’d see MisYou together.


Here are the very last moments of Misbah and Younis playing together for Team Pakistan


As the match ended, the two were propped up on their teammates’ shoulders

Source: Faizan Lakhani / Twitter

To honor the two, here are a few moments from their respective careers that made them Pakistan’s most treasured cricketers.

1. The 2012 Asia Cup

Misbah championed his team to win a pretty nerve-wracking final on home turf. He’s often overlooked as being a solid ODI captain, but in this final against Bangladesh, he did wonders.


2. Pakistan versus India, 2005.

Pakistan were miserably losing against India, however that did not deter Younis from ending with 267 runs which was a record – it was the highest score by any player visiting India. His 267 runs helped Pakistan win and respectively draw the series at 1-1.

3. The Fifth Day In The Third Test Against Sri Lanka in 2014.


It had been a miserable four days for Pakistan. We had to reach at least 302 runs in just 59 overs…in one day. The fifth day felt like it was an entirely new and improved Pakistani team – Misbah and his men tore down Sri Lanka to win by 5 wickets.

4. Pakistan’s T20’s Victory in 2009.

Younis Khan’s heartfelt speech after Pakistan won against Sri Lanka in the ICC World T20 Final at Lord’s had us all in tears. He spoke about Pakistan and urged cricketers to come and visit. He ended the note by dedicating it to coach Bob.


5. Misbah’s Fastest Test Century Against Australia in 2014

2014 witnessed Pakistan’s first 2-0 series win against Australia in twenty years, and it was all thanks to Misbah who steered his team to the finishing line against an all too adamant Australian team. It was in this win that Misbah scored a century on par with Sir Vivian Richard’s, from 56 balls. Pakistan won by 221 runs and 356 runs respectively.

6. Younis Scoring A Century On His Test Debut In 2000

It was against Sri Lanka when Younis Khan made is Test Debut and ended up scoring a century.


7. The Series Win Against South Africa in 2013

Via Giphy

This was a remarkable win away from home, and it was all thanks to king Misbah who made the 2-1 ODI win possible. He led his team to victory against South Africa after having lost to them earlier in the year.

8. 2009 T20 Win As Captain.

The last time Pakistan won an international title, it was all because of Imran Khan way back in 1992. Under the careful leadership of Younis Khan, Pakistan were led to a triumphant win in 2009.

9. Misbah’s Push Ups Against England In 2016.

Misbah’s push ups after scoring a century at Lord’s was epic. Pakistan drew at 2-2 and led the country to number 1 on the ICC’s Test Rankings, all because of Misbah.

Via Giphy


Via Giphy


10. And for the last time, the two together

It was the last time we’d witness these two kings playing together. Together with 28,922 international runs, 51 international hundreds and 166 half-centuries


Thank you for everything Misbah Ul Haq and Younis Khan. You will be missed.

Source: PCB Official / Twitter


Source: PCB Official / Twitter


Team Pakistan has a lot to thank the two legendary players for.

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