Minal Khan Joins The SnackVideo Craze

By MangoBaaz Studio | 7 Jun, 2021

Minal Khan on SnackVideo is our latest obsession

SnackVideo has taken the world by storm! With over 20 million monthly active users from Pakistan, the platform is emerging as the number one choice for creative content creators in the country.

The application is not only a hit with talented and aspiring folks, it is also attracting the interest of celebrities.


The latest superstar to join the SnackVideo universe is Minal Khan

The social media queen, who has over 7 million followers on Instagram, broke the news on the platform just yesterday. Within 24 hours, Minal Khan loyalists joined the social media app to #SnackWithMinal in one way or another.

Source: SnackVideo Pakistan

Every star who is a part of the SnackVideo universe brings their spark to the platform. The list of personalities who are rocking the SnackVideo game includes Saboor Ali, Hina Altaf, Ali Ansari, Zahid Ahmed, and Ali Gul Pir.

Let us know what you love about the content of your favorite stars in the comments below.


While you’re at it, here’s what you need to know about SnackVideo

SnackVideo is a short-video app for young adults all over the world. Truly democratic in spirit, it’s a place where fun and inclusions merge.

Source: SnackVideo Pakistan

Anyone from anywhere can express their creativity to the world. It’s free and is packed with surprises, rewards, and incentives that make the SnackVideo Experience worth it!

The large variety and diversity of SnackVideo content as well as the content creators are resonating with millions, all across the globe.


SnackVideo means Fun!

Minal’s first video on the app is garnering views and love. Fans are going gaga over her debut. This platform offers content creators to co-create with their favorite celebrities, something that is not easily available otherwise. The craze also reflects the fact that people are craving for simple, light-hearted fun to make life seem easier.

Source: SnackVideo Pakistan

Interestingly, this is just Minal’s debut that is trending. We are really excited to see what more she has to offer in the days to come.

Have you witnessed the Minal Khan SnackVideo Experience yet? Let us know your thoughts about her newfound love of the SnackVideo app in the comment below?



Cover image via: SnackVideo Pakistan

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