Here's How You Can See The Rare “Once In 75 Years” Meteor Shower In Pakistan

By Kashaf | 20 Oct, 2017

The Orionid meteor shower that is only visible from Earth every 75 years is happening this weekend and we’ll be able to catch the live action in Pakistan as well. The shower will be filling the sky with dazzling shooting stars.

A meteor is a space rock that enters the Earth’s atmosphere. When this meteoroid falls towards Earth, the drag of the air on the rock makes it exceptionally hot. 



So when you see a “shooting star” it’s basically the glowing hot air as the rock flies through the atmosphere.

When Earth encounters multiple meteoroids at once, we call it a ~meteor shower~.

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Stargazers are getting pumped to view the peak of what NASA is calling “one of the most beautiful showers of the year.”

The shower will be visible from October 2nd to November 7th and is expected to peak on the night of October 20th and the early morning of October 21st – so keep a look out! At the peak you may be able to see up to 20 meteors every hour.

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The Orionids are super popular among stargazers because all of the individual shooting stars are fragments of the most famous comet of all time, Halley’s Comet.

Since the viewing of the Orionids is happening just days after the new moon, there will be little natural light pollution and your viewing will be clear as day – in the darkness of the night. 😉



For the best show, find a safe, dark place away from city lights.

Some of the fastest and brightest showers will be seen because the Earth is hitting the stream of particles almost head-on.



You won’t need a telescope, binoculars, or any tools to have a “star gazing” party this weekend.

All you need is a couple of friends and an alarm clock to experience this moment.

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You may be able to see the shower in the comfort of your own home by just lying down in your lawn. Host a sleepover with your closest pals and enjoy the show.

Happy star gazing!


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