13 Things Men Tell Women But Forget That The Same Applies To Them, Too

By Momina Mindeel | 10 Mar, 2017

A few days ago, a freelance Egyptian American journalist, Mona Eltahawy, started a twitter trend asking women to come out with everything they get to hear from the men in their lives that those men don’t practice themselves. Since then, a colossal number of women have come out with hypocrisy laced statements that they have heard throughout their lives from holier than thou men who usually do the exact opposite of what they tell these women.  

Here are all the things men say to women that they don’t practice in their own lives:


1. When they ask you to be less “attractive”


2. And then they try to shut you up 


3. That time they asked you about your past


4. When they have shameless double standards 


5. Repeatedly


6.  And when they don’t let you do anything before or after your shaadi


7. That time they told you it’s not an “appropriate” thing for you to do


8. This 


9. When they wanted you to be a paak larki

10. And when they ask for your nudes while also reminding you of your hayaa


11. That time they forget that being like Khadija and Aisha also means being strong and outspoken


12. When they want female doctors but don’t want females to be doctors


13. And all the times they can’t stop calling you names for doing exactly what they do themselves


Dear Brothers, listen.


Cover Image Via: ARY Digital

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