This Slick Trend Of Men In Tuxedos Is Literally THE BEST New Look For Pakistani Men

By Iman Zia | 24 Apr, 2017

The three day Q Mobile fashion week has ended. Pretty disheartened by the state of our fashion otherwise, I wasn’t expecting much from any fashion show anytime soon, but last night my Instagram feed was ablaze with such beautiful clothes I was (pleasantly) flabbergasted to see they were OUR OWN DESIGNERS!

While all designers brought their A game to this three day galore, it was the men’s designs that stood out with tuxedos, bow ties and printed blazers oozing hotness.


Pakistani men in tuxedos was one trend that caught more than just our eyes

Cotton & Cotton thank you for this elegant, James Bond-esque look!

Via Cotton & Cotton


And you can add a bit of color to your tuxes, boys

A dark maroon is also another sublime color to go for if you’re over black.

Via Cotton & Cotton


This satin blue suit is majestic

Ahmed Bhaam steals the show with his collection!

Via Ahmed Bhaam


It takes a real man to wear pink…and a retro blue bow tie

This look is killer!

Via Ahmed Bhaam


Bright blue trousers with a varying blue blazer mean you can easily mix and match similar colors

You don’t always have to match both the top and bottom!

Via Ahmed Bhaam

And thank goodness for the handkerchief comeback.

Ahmed Bhaam’s take on the classic black tuxedo is so elegant we cannot deal with it.

Via Ahmed Bhaam


And if you’re someone to experiment, this bold suit is for you

A very daring number from Munib Nawaz but we know how bold Lahoris can be when it comes to style!

Via Munib Nawaz


Who said you couldn’t have stapled sequins and embellishments in your suit?

This dark maroon leather suit is EVERYTHING.

Via Munib Nawaz

Graphic blazers and embroideries your jam? Go for it

Via Munib Nawaz


Here’s one in blue

Via Cotton & Cotton


Or you can look dapper AF with a well tailored like this one

Via Nomi Ansari


Or an all white one to make you look like mankind’s angel

Via Rizwan Beyg


And if a whole white do ain’t for you, a bit of grey thrown in is another lovely alternative

Via Ahmed Bhaag

Paisleys printed on a white blazer with a striped tie if you don’t want a simple blazer…

Via Ahmed Bhaam


You can keep prints limited to a statement scarf, too

The off grey and musty brown color combination is so delicious. And that chiffon scarf too!

Via Ahmed Bhaam


So what are you waiting for boys? Go get to your tailor and put yourself in a suit.

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