This Hindu ‘Pundit' Just Said That Men Have Periods Too And Honestly, What The Fuck

By Biya Haq | 21 Dec, 2018

Lol, this is so great.

The Internet is a big big place.

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People all over the world share their knowledge and opinions in hope of finding people who may connect with them or in hopes to spread awareness on a number of different topics.

Which brings us to this fucking dude.

This Hindu ‘Scholar’ said that men get periods three days a month and honestly, what.

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Seems legit.

Guru Jee’s sound advice to men suffering from period pain everywhere was to not indulge in violence or sex, specifically when your head ‘feels heavy.’

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No romance, no anger.

Or, ‘explosive decision making.’

According to his Holiness, men have their periods when their heads feel super heavy. This heaviness pushes them to be agitated and seems to be their equivalent to PMS. Our scholar over here also stated that it is super important to note down the date, time and feeling when this heaviness occurs.

This is something you definitely do not hear every day and clearly, people are v amused.

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Source: The Avatar Clicks
Source: The Avatar Clicks

ALSO, apparently men only get periods three days a month? WTF?


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To end his lecture, Guru Saab reminded men everywhere to not make explosive decisions during this time. So, to sum up, according to this man, men get periods three days a month and they can tell because their heads get heavy and they feel agitated.


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Not sure where this guy is getting his intel, but men everywhere may want to take this information with a grain of salt. Or like a bag of salt. A really really big bag.

Have you seen this video? Watch the whole thing here!

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What do you think about men getting periods? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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