Meet Falaq Shahid, A PHENOMENAL Makeup Artist

By rakanaabeauty | 14 Dec, 2021

Is our love for makeup ever going to fade? We think not! Falaq Shahid and her phenomenal makeup skills have truly deepened our passion and we thought to share it with you too. Scroll down to find out why we are in absolute awe.


Source: @falaqshahid.

Aren’t her makeup skills just phenomenal? We truly believe they are.

With shaadi season already begun, who doesn’t need some help with deciding what to wear and what kind of makeup to pair along? We know, we can totally relate!

We have got some worth-sharing shaadi inspo from her as well!


Source: @falaqshahid.


Our Bollywood fever seems like it will never come down! This Bollywood-inspired bridal makeup by Falaq Shahid is totally makeup goals!

Totally an inspiration for upcoming brides who are interested in having a dramatic Bollywood look. We are sure you are also going to agree with us after watching this video:


Source: @falaqshahid.


Likewise, Falaq also recreated Aishwarya Rai Bachan’s famous old Bollywood look and we can undoubtedly say that nobody could have done it better than her. Check it out:


Source: @falaqshahid.


Apart from her makeup skills, we are truly impressed by the positivity Falaq has in her life! She is an assurance that maintaining a positive attitude and having confidence in yourself can get you through so much, We are dazzled by how she reacts to mean comments on her posts.

We always talk about makeup and styling but have we ever paid the same attention to makeup removal? Do not forget – skincare is as important!

No one reviews products like Falaq Shahid does!

That is why she holds trust by thousands for recommendations and suggestions. Falaq’s makeup removing routine with the Conatural Organic Cleanser and Makeup Remover followed by the Conatural Tea Tree and Neem Facewash completely has our trust. She ends this routine with the refreshing Conatural Fresh Flowers Hydrating Mist which also smells heavenly! You can watch her Conatural skincare video.


Source: @falaqshahid.


Interested in adopting Falaq’s after-makeup skincare routine? You can find these products at the best discounted rates at Rakanaa!

We are sure after stalking Falaq’s Instagram handle, anybody who is not even previously obsessed with makeup will fall in love with it. You can find her here: @falaqshahid.


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