The Governor Of Punjab Rejected Meesha Shafi's Case And People Are Just Disappointed

By Arslan Athar | 1 Aug, 2018

So you all know by now that Meesah Shafi and Ali Zafar are embroiled in a legal case. Meesha Shafi had appealed to the Governor of Punjab against Ali Zafar, using the ‘Protection Against Harassment Of Women At The Workplace Act 2010’ as the governing law.

News broke this afternoon that the Governor of Punjab had rejected Meesha’s case. 

According to Meesha’s legal team, this rejection is based on a very technical issue. Speaking to the media, one of Meesha’s lawyers, Ahmed Pansota, said that the law states that both parties need to be in an employee-employer relationship. Since this particular case was not as such a nature, the case couldn’t be heard by the Governor’s office.

Ali Zafar’s legal team also released a statement. According to them, Meesha was not in a situation where she was forced to enter a working relationship with Ali Zafar. 

Adding to this, his team also said that the rejection came in some days back, however, they did not want this to distract from Ali Zafar’s movie premiere, therefore, this news is coming out now.

Apparently, the case reached the office of the Governor of Punjab as the Ombudsman with whom they had initially filed the case with did not find the grounds for harassment in the workplace. With this new rejection coming through, Meesha’s legal team is planning on taking the case to a higher court.

Given the current Pakistani legal system, does this rejection mean that no matter what happens, Meesha can’t win this battle? 

The law has the ability to be both objective and subjective, but that totally depends on the person reading the law. How you define the ‘workplace’ in the entertainment industry is very different than how it is defined in a conventional ‘9-5’ sense. Today’s news just goes to show how rigid our legal system is.

People on Twitter have a lot to say about this:

A lot of people felt cheated by the rejection

Questions were raised 

There was just a discontent surrounding this news

People were just not happy 

Same. Question.

This is honestly just really sad 

Many people online have declared this a win for Ali Zafar and his team, thereby only fueling more of the fire and hatred that persists surrounding Meesha Shafi and her allegations. What happens about this case is still yet to be seen. There is no denying that the grounds over which this case has been thrown out were far too technical and unfair.

Here’s hoping justice prevails.

What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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