Rumor Has It That Meesha Shafi Might Be Moving To Canada And It’s Shocking

By Iman Zia | 2 May, 2018

After Meesha Shafi shockingly deleted both her Facebook and Instagram accounts following the sexual harassment claims made against Ali Zafar, rumors have begun circulating online about another development in the singer’s life that’s really quite unexpected and truly shocking.


While Meesha is still active on Twitter, her last tweet left a rather cryptic mood with her followers, as she defined the term ‘gaslighting’

She implied that those harassing her following her allegations have been attempting to emotionally manipulate her, pointing out ‘targeted groups’ who are ‘hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.’ She retweeted the definition of ‘gaslighting’ with her own caption – ‘don’t be anybody’s fool.’

Source: @itsmeeshashafi/Twitter


Rumors have now circulated that Meesha is moving to Canada, with various publications confirming the unexpected news

Source: @Pakistan.Showbiz/Facebook


And other publications speculating the move too



Twitter has slowly begun ruffling its feathers with news of the singer leaving along with her husband and two sons

Source: @DDKPnews/Twitter


With various news outlets tweeting out the rumor with a question

Source: @dailypakistangl/Twitter


While we’re yet to hear from the singer herself, Pakistanis have begun commenting on the proliferating rumor

Source: @iAmirJaved/Twitter


Source: @Mariam_Jamali/Twitter


Source: @Zahrali05/Twitter


Source: @CaptSpeaking_/Twitter 

Source: @ennyuech/Twitter


Source: @TypicalLarki/Twitter


Source: @AbidaSattar2/Twitter



What are your thoughts on this?


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