Meera Posted A Weird Photo Of Maya Ali And Everyone's Lost Their Shit

By Arslan Athar | 11 Oct, 2018

Maya Ali has become a superstar over the past few months. She’s literally everywhere; in movies, shows, ads and just all over social media. The actress has a great social media presence, however, she seemed to have just angered some people.


Now before I share the image, just know that I’m all for guys and girls being friends, but this is just W E I R D 


Meera had initially put up the photo, but has since taken it down from her Instagram

Her original caption read: “So cute and beautiful”

Source: Paramount


She also called Maya Ali her “Humble very nice friend”

Via Youtube


Our reaction: “Ye chai peenay ka kya tareeqa hai”

Source: CW


Dear Maya and friend, this is how you drink tea with your friend 

Please, take note:

Source: Alamy


Khair, it should come as NO surprise that people online have been triggered.

Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


‘Limits’ was a word that was bounced around 

Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


People just had a lot to say about the photo

Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


However, people were the ones crossing the limits

Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


But all that being said, it’s still weird 

Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


Let’s be real, they could afford more than one 

Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


Some people took it lightly 

Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


Someone had to bring up harassment like it’s some joke 


Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


Of course, people had other intentions too

Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


Sharing is truly caring 

Source: Showbiz Pakistan // Facebook


Let’s just agree, this was weird! Do you have any thoughts about this?


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