Maulana Tariq Jamil Finally Apologized For His Comments About Women But People Still Have Questions

By Noomyalay Khan | 28 Apr, 2020

Maulana Tariq Jamil just apologized to women by saying they misunderstood his comments

Maulana Tariq Jamil, famous Pakistani religious scholar who is widely loved and followed by many was recently involved in a controversy after his remarks regarding behayai causing coronavirus. Many had understood his comments specifically targeting women for causing this behayai and had expressed their displeasure at his misogynistic remarks during a national telecast of his bayaan. He has now finally addressed his comments and their effect on the women.


Maulana Tariq Jamil just made a statement addressing women and all the other affected by his comments where he said he was clarifying his stance

In a series of tweets apologizing and clearing his stance on the recent events and the criticism that followed. Posted at 03:53 am on 28th April, the tweets quickly caught the attention of the people who had been against him and his comments since his infamous dua.

Referring to the Ehsaas Telethon and the dua he made that was aired and highly criticized, he clarifies that what he meant was that not any specific gender or person is responsible for our current state but us collectively as a state. This comes in light of the recent attack on him for his words during the dua, where many took them as targeting the female gender and suggesting they’re responsible for corona.


He went on to point out that his only goal was to remind people to get closer to Allah’s teachings

He says that he is the first to admit his mistakes since he has taught the same over the years and that there is no excuse for hurting or making someone uncomfortable.


And finally Maulana Tariq Jamil apologized to women and all those he deemed may have been inadvertently hurt by his comments


Quite a few people are delighted at Maulana Tariq Jamil offering an apology to women, saying that it shows his ability to start to understand those hurt by words


There are also those who think he didn’t even need to offer this apology in the first place


And there are those who feel like those defending his earlier comments were at fault because Maulana Tariq Jamil apologizing to women shows that he realizes he did make negative comments


All of this comes after certain quotes from his PM Ehsaas Telethon particularly mentioning women were picked up and heavily discussed in the media and masses alike. Maulana came under heavy attack by the Pakistani left for these comments. This puts into perspective his apology and the support his fans and followers are showing him.

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