Mathira Is Hosting A Live Show Again And She Just Gave Advice On “DOING IT” On National TV

By Aam Nawab | 22 Jan, 2019

Mathira is back on television ladies and gentlemen, so we have a lot to celebrate. She was once a renowned host back in the day, giving advice about love on ‘Vibe TV.’ The show, if you don’t remember, the show was called ‘Love Indicator’ and more often than not, Mathira’s interaction with live callers was, well…awkward at most.


This was the most famous moment on Mathira’s ‘Love Indicator’ show, where an incredibly tharki caller harrassed her on live television.


Mathira’s back as a host after almost a decade on Bol Network’s ‘Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga.’

Along with co-host Faheem, Mathira hosts this popular game show where contestants can win certain prizes, coupons etc. In this certain segment, you were eligible to win various cards with discounts.

Source: @BolEntertainment/Facebook


While Faheem was mentioning the various discounts on things you could get, from boutiques to clothes and restaurants – he forgot to mention that you could also get discounts on diapers.

Mathira all the while was being her delightful, giggly self until the triggered word ‘diapers’ made her react in the most amusing manner.

Source: @BolEntertainment/Facebook


Mathira interrupted and said, “agar bachay nahin hain toh bachay bana lain!”

The host then emphasized how the awaam should most definitely get married before, saying “lekin ussay pehlay shaadi karlein!” Faheem was a little awkward, but he said that Mathira’s always like this…the entertainment didn’t end there…

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Mathira then teased Faheem about what kind of games he likes to play when they moved on to their next ‘Ludo’ segment.

She called him a naughty boy to which Faheem replied that ‘Ludo’ was a sharif game that every child plays, but she didn’t stop there and kept calling him a naughty boy LOL. Faheem told Mathira not to put foul thoughts into peoples’ minds before returning to the segment.

Source: @BolEntertainment/Facebook


When the live calling session began, Mathira, (being Mathira) kept teasing the callers, asking one “kya kar rahe the?”

The caller said he just had food and she kept teasing him asking him what he ate before Faheem kept the conversation from going sexual LOL.

Source: @BolEntertainment/Facebook




Here’s the full episode:


Isn’t she hilarious?


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