Mathira Just Went OFF On The Lady Who Did The Pakistan Flag Kiki Challenge & Shit's Got Messier

By Maham Lari | 14 Aug, 2018

So, we all saw that video of Eva Zu Beck doing the Kiki challenge on a PIA flight – holding the Pakistani flag. The awam threw a lot of shade at her, accusing her of disrespecting the national flag and causing insult to the country. PIA was even asked by NAB to inquire the involved officers and take action against them.


Eva Zu Beck has gained sudden notoriety in Pakistan after her Kiki Challenge on a PIA airplane went CRAZY viral in Pakistan

Earlier today, I received some important news. It got me thinking about my original travel plan, which I had made at the beginning of the year, after leaving my life in London behind. . When I left Europe to travel across Asia in March, my plan was to keep going for as long as possible. I wanted to see the rest of the world. Pakistan was only the second stop on the itinerary. . According to the original plan, right about this time, now, I was meant to still be riding horses in Mongolia. Right about this time, I was meant to be planning for the next country to be conquered on my vast world journey. . And while I always knew that the journey would be full of surprises, I never expected my second stop to become an adopted home. But I guess Pakistan must be pretty special if I decided to stay here until the end of the year, right? 😜 . So THAT’s the great news: I found out earlier today that my visa has been extended for five more months. I’m not going anywhere. That’s five more months of exploring this beautiful, misunderstood country; five more months of the world’s best food; five more months of love and adventure. . And, who knows, this could be only the beginning. 🤐😉

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Some people were quite pissed at the entire matter and tried their best to defend Eva

It was all in vain. She deleted the video and apologized for hurting the sentiments of certain people. However, the backlash continued. And just when we thought that people might be stopping, Mathira blew us over with her remark!


So basically, this Instagram posted that video.


And Mathira was found in the comments, objecting to the very same.

Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram


Via Tenor

And she didn’t stop there

Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram

As expected, her comments only made things messier. The debate was reignited.


Instantly, Eva-defenders came to the rescue

Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram


Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram

And some tried to reason with her

Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram


Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram


Others believed she was being a bit too negative.

Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram


To which Mathira had the following to say

Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram


Khair, now Mathira seems to be getting some backlash. Unfortunately, it pertains to shaming her for her choice of attire.

Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram
Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram


I mean… do we have to shame one woman to defend another?

Source: divamagazinepakistan Via: Instagram

What do you think of all this? Let us know in the comments below.


This Foreigner Doing The Kiki Challenge Wearing The Pakistani Flag Has Caused A Shitstorm Online




Mathira Just Did The Kiki Challenge And Everyone’s Going Seriously Tharki


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