Mathira Looks SO FREAKING Hot In Her New Music Video You Just Won't Be Able To Look Away

By Iman Zia | 5 Sep, 2018

Remember Mathira’s ‘Jhoota’ music video? The sensational Pakistani grabbed headlines after honestly looking SO SO gorgeous in the poppy track that’s raked in a blimey four million views on YouTube. She’s always been so confident and is unapologetic AF…maybe that’s why I take to her. I admire her immensely, and I’d kill to harbor even an ounce of the boldness she exudes – also, she’s the epitome of a hot mama!


We’ve mentioned a few times how she’s a little too hot for this duniyaand her latest music video is definitely the latest addition to that list…

‘Jhoota Again’ is her latest venture, and like legit you guys, she looks AMAZING! She’s basically just frolicking around in front of the usual trope of expensive cars and a jet – but like honey, if you look like Mathira you can get away with it.

Source: Beyond Studios


She’s got a winning pout and her curves are honestly a reason to L I V E!

Those fishnet stockings tho…

Source: Beyond Studios


She juggled between two really stunning outfits, both complimenting her body really well, and it’s giving us major fashion inspo

Source: Beyond Studios


Here are just a few sultry looks us gals could definitely adopt into our daily routines…presenting the lick

Source: Beyond Studios


Then we have the sexy lil side hair flip

Source: Beyond Studios


Then there’s the simple pout…

Source: Beyond Studios


Also, it’s worth mentioning the song is pretty catchy too, and is a definite car jam (we just got a wee bit distracted by Mathira because…well, it’s Mathira)

Source: Beyond Studios


Watch the full video below!


What do you think of the music video? Is it catchy?


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