Mashal Khan Being Voted As “Person Of The Year” By Pakistanis Is Proof That Hatred Isn't Actually Winning

By Alveena Jadoon | 2 Jan, 2018

Herald, taking inspiration from similar lists around the world, started this tradition of highlighting people who have managed to create an impact, start a dialogue, and influenced change in the country during the year. Every year, they have several nominees, who have done something or the other which deserves recognition.


This time around, they had 10 nominees for ‘Person of the Year’

  • Nawaz Sharif
  • Imran Khan
  • Justice Asif Saeed Khosa
  • Ayesha Gulalai
  • Mohsin Hamid
  • Najam Sethi
  • Mashal Khan
  • Census worker
  • Online activist
  • Mahira Khan

All of these were chosen due to specific reasons and they were

Via: Twitter


As soon as the poll went online, there was a massive campaign urging people to vote for Mashal Khan because he deserved it more than anyone else

Mashal Khan’s father also urged Pakistanis to vote for him


On New Year’s Eve, Mashal Khan was declared our person of the year for 2017 after calculating all the people’s votes


Several people took to Twitter to highlight how important it was for Mashal Khan to be voted in as the person of the year


Mahira Khan, who was one of the nominees this year, was also thankful for the result. She is of the opinion that people like Mashal Khan should always be the person of the year

This is a huge step for Pakistanis to realize that an innocent life was lost based on mere accusations; those too made up by the administration of the university for his criticism of how they were managing the campus. Mashal Khan’s case is still pending and that provides a lot of leverage to those who misuse the law for personal gains.


Mashal’s father is still fighting his son’s fight and urging the authorities for justice

Mashal’s death was a proof of how intolerant we have become and do not even wait for the justice system to actually gather evidence if someone has committed the crime. This should be a cause for concern for us all. Let us not let his father fight for justice alone.


These Are All The Pakistanis Who’re Celebrating The Murder Of Mashal Khan In Mardan


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