This Marketing Executive Turned Musician Released A New Album And It's Actually Pretty Incredible

By Sannia Bilal | 31 Jan, 2019

Ammar Farooki is a Marketing Executive by day and changes into an astonishing musician by night. The genre for his album, ‘Songs From The Cave’, is alternative rock and it’s perfect for those of us who’ve profoundly loved EP. If you’re a fan of Mooroo’s Vlogs, you might be familiar with the name. He’s the guy who went up to some of the most secluded Northern areas of Pakistan to work on the video for his track, ‘Caveman’.

Fortunately, I got a chance to talk to Ammar who appears to be undeniably passionate towards his love for composing music.

Source: Ammar Farooki

“I’m a marketing executive and that’s how I support my music,” stated Ammar.

“When you’re really passionate about something, you need to learn to make two days out of one. So there’s the 9 – 5, to pay the rent but after that you need to seize the day, be disciplined and focused on where you are and where you want to be headed.”

Source: Ammar Farooki

His album consists of 5 tracks, each of which tells a different story:

  1. Pictures In A Frame.
  2. C’est La Vie. (My personal favorite)
  3. Caveman.
  4. Little Star.
  5. Storm.

Talking about his album, Ammar said, “Each track is different in its conception and composition.”

“Some tracks I have wrestled with for months, some just descend easily, fully formed. But I try to reflect on my life experiences and relationships and find inspiration therein. Sometimes, it could be something very personal, sometimes it’s just something you read or heard that stays with you.”

Btw, check out his badass album cover.

Source: Ammar Farooki


Talking about the language of the album, here’s what Ammar shared:

“I write in English because I felt I could best express myself and also because I grew up listening to English rock songs which kind of formed my aesthetic for song-writing and composition. And although there’s a very tiny niche following here, English also opens up an international audience for the songs, where people can relate and realize that the message is the same – songs of love, life and loss, which are universal themes.”

“The album is naturally a big milestone and the next few weeks will be focused on spreading the word, the music,” Ammar continued.

“I want to play a few gigs in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. I have some odd 25 songs in the catalog, so there’s a lot more music to be produced and shared.”

Source: Ammar Farooki

“I’d like my fans to find places, situations and people in the songs they can relate to and get lost with. I love to travel and like songs that I can listen to on the move. I hope my songs can be those songs – soundtracks for changing locations.”

He further on talked about his sources of inspiration:

“I grew up listening to Elvis and The Beatles, and then fell deep into grunge. So Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen are some of the names that inspired me. My brother, Salar, used to be in band many years ago – Sahil. People might know them by their hit track ‘Dil Chahay’. And all my friends were playing music growing up. So there were quite a few influences and days spent in the studio.”

Source: Ammar Farooki

If you ask me, I’m already a fan of his music and “C’est La Vie” is one of the tracks I cant stop listening to on repeat. I wish him all the luck for the future and would be surely anticipating the release of rest of his tracks.

You can find his tracks here:

Did you check out his album? What do you think about it? Share your thought in the comments.


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