Here's What People Think About Maria Toorpakai Being Dragged Into Imran Khan And Ayesha Gulalai's Battle

By Sajeer Shaikh | 3 Aug, 2017

Recently, Imran Khan had to tweet the following message out to his supporters regarding Ayesha Gulalai’s sister, Maria Toorpakai

This became necessary after our desi gairat brigade went after Maria in an effort to defame her sister alongside. Some pretty crude comments were passed

Maria Toorpakai became an easy target for those looking to release their anger that stemmed from Ayesha Gulalai’s statements

For those of you who do not know much about Maria Toorpakai, her journey happens to be one of immense resilience and courage.

Born in Waziristan in an extremely conservative region, Maria had to disguise herself as a boy to follow her dreams of playing squash. Her family had to endure constant threats and she had to endure constant belittling. She was taunted and bullied. Maria became a target for the gairat brigade back then, too. They targeted her for playing while wearing shorts. But she powered through, nonetheless. She went on to win several junior championships. In 2007, she was awarded the Salaam Pakistan Award by Pervez Musharraf.


Maria Toorpakai is, undeniably, a national hero. Which is why Pakistanis jumped in to support her amidst the dirty political battle

People rightfully pointed out how her sister’s political stance is another domain altogether

Others reminded our countrymen of how she is a source of pride for Pakistan

People pointed out how they would be lucky to have a daughter like Maria

And constant reminders were given to keep our heroes out of politics

Pakistanis demanded that Maria be given the respect she has earned

And the fact that she was dragged into the matter in the first place was considered shameful and disgusting

The entire incident and the way people reacted can fully be addressed by Maria’s own tweet, where she urges people to not lose faith in their nation’s daughters

It is extremely saddening to see that women are still easy targets in battles that have nothing to do with them. To shame someone like Maria, who defied all odds to follow her dreams and become a source of pride for Pakistan, is pretty unfortunate. Maria’s involvement in sports and her sister’s allegations against Imran Khan are two separate things altogether. They need not overlap. Perhaps it’s time we learned to give respect to women who have done everything in their power to earn it. If we do not treat our heroes right, who will?

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.


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