So, Mani's Now Blaming His “PR Guy” For That Disgusting Joke But No One's Buying It

By Arslan Athar | 24 Oct, 2018

Mani just threw his PR guy under the bus for making a joke on Mani’s Insta.. LOL


Recently, there was a horrible joke posted on the TV personality’s, Instagram account

Source: @manipakistani / Instagram

Now, the movement has become a major force of change with discussion around sexual harassment becoming a mainstream topic of conversation. This is all thanks to figures like Tarana Burke, who started the movement, and celebrities in Hollywood, Bollywood and even at home coming forward to help make such conversations possible.


People were pretty triggered by Mani’s horrible joke, and rightfully so

Even the actor’s wife, Hira Mani was dragged for this.

Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


After ALL the backlash, he posted a tweet explaining why the insensitive picture was posted. 

He also apologized for it.

Hmm ‘PR Guy’…so original


Considering the way Mani’s Instagram profile is curated, it doesn’t appear to be a very “PR Guy” feed but chalo as you wish

There are usually no captions and no hashtags either, but chalo, if he’s saying it, I guess we’ll believe him…. And he did sort of also apologize for the joke, which is something I guess.

The offensive post has also since been taken down from his Instagram account.

Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


But people aren’t buying his story

Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


Shots fired!

Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


And they’re NOT letting this go. Yikes!

Source: @manipakistani / Instagram
Source: @manipakistani / Instagram


So, what do you think? PR guy or Mani’s own doing?



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