Maria Wasti Proves She Is Absolutely Irresistible In Her New Drama “Malkin”

By Iman Zia | 3 Oct, 2017

It’s the dawn of television in Pakistan these days. A supple revolution has gathered full form and we’re living the brightest days Pakistani television has ever witnessed. ‘Har Pal Geo’ has remained a steady wave and has catapulted forth drama ‘Malkin,’ which marks the comeback of veteran actress Maria Wasti. The drama projects class conflict, with Maria Wasti adoring into the role of dancer Gulnaz, who marries into a family of high stature and status. Her husband Yawar, played by the dashing Alyy Khan is simple, humble but rather frivolous – he’s bound by his overbearing and vindictive mother who cannot bare her son marrying someone of a lower class. Two episodes in, and we’re in love.

*Warning: spoilers*

‘Malkin’ breathes life of a profound struggle in classes that trembles Pakistani society

Dancer Gulnaz resides in an archaic haveli, besotted with jewels and lives by the luxuries of being an affluent dancer. However, her methods of earning aren’t by ‘conventional’ means as perpetuated by Pakistani norms. Although ostracised by her occupation, Gulnaz remains feisty, is breathtakingly confident, and does not let her stature define her.

Source: Ice Media & Entertainment

Yawar too hails from a rich household, but defies his mother after he falls in love with Gulnaz and secretly weds her

Yawar is simple, humble yet incredibly foolish. He brings Gulnaz home to his vindictive mother Nafeesa Begum, played by the tremendous Samina Ahmed, who cannot fathom her son marrying a dancer.

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Nafeesa Begum immediately reclaims all assets entitled from Yawar and leaves him penniless with no prospect for future security

Nafeesa Begum is vengeful and abides by stripping her son of all material wealth in quite the brutal manner. She cannot and will not allow such a marriage, and immediately subjects Gulnaz to a strict household life, whereby she forces the usual well-dressed Gulnaz to wear nothing more than a plain white shalwar kameez. Chores staple into Gulnaz’s routine, and Gulnaz becomes a chess piece in a bid to control Yawar.

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Gulnaz, who has lived a life of liberation, is suddenly caged

Yawar is helpless and is torn between mother and wife. On the one hand, he adores Gulnaz but cannot succumb to her every wish on the flickering flame that is Nafeesa Begum – she has already told them to leave the house.

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Gulnaz cannot contact her mother anymore – both Yawar and his mother disallow it

Gulnaz secretly phones her mother and refuses to cut off ties. We see her resilience, and laudable efforts to keep her mother in the loop with everything that’s surfacing.

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It’s a heart wrenching drama so far, with Gulnaz utterly confused, incapable and weak

Yawar’s lack of valour is disturbing, and it begs us to ask – where is that fading line between respecting our elders and standing firm against their unlawful mannerisms? As the drama unfolds, we hope to see Yawar pluck up more courage for his wife.

Source: Ice Media & Entertainment


Have you seen ‘Malkin?’ What do you think of it so far?

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