Malala's Cute Advice To Her Younger Brother Will Give You Happy Tears

By Iman Zia | 8 Oct, 2017

Malala has always projected family values more than anything else. Her family forms a closely knit tribe, with mother Tor Pekai, father Ziauddin and two younger brothers Khushal and Atal, who all are her sturdy backbones. The UN Messenger of Peace has recently been busy packing and preparing for her new embarkment in life; university at the incredibly prestigious Oxford University in London, and a few family members couldn’t be more thrilled.



Malala’s younger brother Khushal recently took to Twitter to post a touching tribute to his sister who’s leaving for college soon

He wished her all the best for her journey, before expressing how much he will miss his elder sister, as he posted a nostalgic childhood picture of the two and coupled it with an older photo of the siblings. He stated how she has always ‘stayed strong’ her entire life before declaring how proud he was of her.


Malala responded as the ‘older sister’ and brushed off a few parting words of wisdom upon Khushal

She told Khushal to always ‘work hard,’ and ‘take care of everyone and the family’ before she advised him to not bicker with brother Atal. She humorously added in ‘always obey your sister’ in a hearty manner.

Khushal replied to Malala and accepted her sisterly counsel before tattle-taling on their  brother Atal


The Twitter exchange was embraced with love


With many getting rather emotional


And others commending the lovely sisterly advice bestowed upon Khushal


A few were incredibly moved by the touching bond the two had



And lauded Malala’s softness


Those who met Malala took this opportunity to congratulate her


And thanked her for being such a tremendous voice in a ‘confusing, harsh world’


A few Pakistanis thought to remind Malala how Pakistan will always be with her


What are your thoughts on this heartwarming sibling exchange?

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