Malala Fund Just Got Apple's Support But Here's How Far The Organization Has Truly Come

By Sajeer Shaikh | 16 Feb, 2018

Malala is no stranger to chilling with the movers and shakers of our times.

As an activist, Nobel Prize Laureate and – well – an overall role model, she meets some pretty cool people every now and then. However, Malala’s influence aids in furthering a cause close to her heart – championing for girls’ education. That cause exists in the form of Malala Fund.


The organization has some pretty influential supporters.

I mean, recently, FREAKIN’ APPLE partnered up with Malala Fund to fight for the education of girls.

The partnership aims to promote education for girls for the provision of equal opportunities. Apple, on its own, is one of the biggest companies in the world. For Malala’s organization have that kinda backing is HUGE. However, it’s not the only feather in Malala Fund’s cap. See, the organization has been functional since 2013. In the short span of half a decade, the organization has been able to change countless lives.


So, the question is – where did it all begin, and how far has the organization come?

Founded in 2013 after Malala’s tragic shooting by the Taliban, the organization “champions every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education.” Within the short span of five years, a young Pakistani girl’s passion to fight for education overcame the odds.

The Fund has its roots in places where access to secondary education for girls is a struggle on its own. Not only is the organization rooted in Pakistan, it’s also helping girls out in Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and countries that provide a safe haven to Syrian refugees, such as Lebanon and Jordan.


Malala Fund also runs numerous programs in various regions. The Gulmakai Network is a testament to this.


The Gulmakai Network consists of many programs spread over multiple areas. These are led by other activists. For instance, Areebah Shahid and Gulalai Ismail have their own programs in Pakistan. 


Similarly, other activists lead programs in other parts of the world. Like Nigeria, for instance…


…and Afghanistan…


…alongside Lebanon and Turkey.


Through the immense hard work put in by these activists, with Malala as the frontrunner, continuously serving to be a symbol of hope and strength, the organization has garnered a ton of support. Though Apple is Malala Fund’s most recent partner, the organization has been facilitated by many big names.

Here are a few of them:

The list includes major companies like 21st Century Fox, Nike, Google, and Microsoft.


Malala Fund’s journey is as inspirational as the young girl who leads it. The need to focus on education for girls is an absolute necessity. To have an organization constantly championing for the very same cause – especially when it’s led by someone from our own motherland – is not only heartwarming but also highly appreciable.

It’s not every day when you see someone turn a tragedy into something this incredible. Here’s hoping Malala Fund succeeds in its goal to provide more than 130 million girls with the education that will help improve their lives.


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